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Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Overview (LB 2.0)
Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Overview (LB 2.0)
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Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Overview (LB 2.0)

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The Scan to Pay & Loyalty feature for a restaurant is part of the more significant trend of using mobile technology to enhance the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. The use of mobile apps and loyalty programs in restaurants has grown in popularity in recent years, with many restaurants implementing these features to stay competitive in the industry.

The benefits of implementing the Scan for Loyalty or Pay feature in a restaurant include increased customer engagement and retention, the ability to collect valuable customer data and improve marketing and promotional efforts. By incentivizing customers to return and make repeat purchases, restaurants can build a loyal customer base and increase revenue over time.

Overall, the Scan to Pay & Loyalty feature is a valuable tool for restaurants looking to enhance the customer experience and build long-term customer relationships through mobile technology and loyalty programs.


The Scan to Pay & Loyalty feature in a restaurant POS (Point of Sale) system is a feature that allows customers to scan a QR code using their mobile device to earn loyalty points or rewards or pay for their order.

When a guest uses their QR code for loyalty or payment, it provides valuable data for the restaurant by collecting information on customer behavior, such as order history and frequency of visits. This data can improve the restaurant's marketing strategies, personalize promotions, and enhance customer experience.


Create feature parity between Lunchbox 1.0 and 2.0

Convenience: A scan-to-pay feature allows customers to pay for their meals quickly and easily in-store.

Convenience: A scan for loyalty feature allows customers to accrue loyalty points for their order in-store.

Contactless Payment: A scan-to-pay feature can minimize contact between customers and restaurant staff.

Efficiency: A scan-to-pay and scan-for-loyalty feature can save customers and restaurant staff time. Customers can quickly scan a QR code with their mobile device and pay in seconds, allowing staff to attend to other tasks.


  • Only available for Toast POS clients

  • Only available on LB iOS & Android Apps (not web)

  • Does NOT work if the Restaurant Partner is using Toast Payment Processor for Off-Premise (Lunchbox) Orders. Works with any other Off-Premise Payment Processor

  • Both phone number and QR code lookup work on Toast POS terminals

  • Toast In-Store Loyalty on Toast Kiosks only works with the QR Code. It does not work with Phone Number lookup

Supported POS


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