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Payment Reconciliation
Payment Reconciliation

This article explains payment reconciliation and ways to do it for specific POS

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Internal and External - Operators, Support Team, Account Managers, Engineers, & Product Teams


This article explains the importance of payment reconciliation when comparing a report from Lunchbox with an integrated POS

What Is Payment Reconciliation?

Payment reconciliation compares each internal (Lunchbox) and external (POS) payment report to verify equal amounts. If they aren't, an accountant or bookkeeper will need to investigate the reason for the discrepancy. Payment reconciliation may also uncover issues — mistakes made due to manual entry, integration problems, fraudulent activity, or cancelation, voids, and refund parity.

Because of POS limitations when integrating order cancelation, refunds, and/or adjustments payments inside Lunchbox, merchants can opt to reconcile payouts against POS by pulling a payment report from their POS and comparing it to Lunchbox.

In case the reporting does not match, proceed with the following:

Step 1: Pull Transactions from Lunchbox, by selecting "Credit Card Detail” Report

Step 2: Pull Transactions from the POS by following each POS's steps



Why Is Payment Reconciliation Important?

Payment reconciliation enables businesses to root out potential payment errors flowing in and out of the business and allows companies to determine where discrepancies lie. The more frequent the reconciliation, the faster the company can recognize and correct the underlying problem. In the event of a discrepancy, the closer the reconciliation is performed to when the initial transaction took place, the easier it may be to recall details about the transaction.

Payment Reconciliation Examples

Cheese Plate is a hypothetical Bistro based in upstate New York. They use Toast as their POS and Lunchbix as their 1st party ordering aggregator. One day, a Cheese Plate Manager cancels a $250 catering order in the POS after a customer request. Because of the way Lunchbox integrates with Toast POS, the manager will also need to cancel the order inside the Lunchbox dashboard to ensure reporting accuracy. If the manager does not do it on both ends, the numbers on both platforms won't match.

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