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Payment Processor
Payment Processor

Learn all types of payment processors Lunchbox integrates with and how it works.

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This article is iterative and lists the types of payment processors Lunchbox integrates with.

What is a payment processor?

A payment processor handles credit card transactions and funds transferred from the payment gateway to the merchant’s bank account. It communicates and relays information from the customer’s card to the merchant’s and customer’s banks.

Similarly to the payment gateway, the payment processor checks for security measures on the customer’s card data. Payment processors also process chargebacks, for which they are held liable, and this is why processors will charge different fees based on the risk evaluation of the merchant’s businesses. Payment processors can also charge interchange or flat fees.

Payment Processors:

What do I need to configure in Lunchbox to support payment processors?

To set up any Payment integration inside Lunchbox, you have to complete the following four steps:

Step 1: Log into the Lunchbox Dashboard to create a new payment type

Step 2: Create a gateway

Step 3: Apply the payment type to the service type

Step 4: Test by placing an order on the locations site, and check the order details in the dashboard (Order Details>Search Order # > Click Payment History Drop Down to view.)

Note: a successful transaction will show both an auth_only and prior_auth_capture with a matching dollar amount under

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