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Lunchbox 1.0 to 2.0 Migration Best Practices
Lunchbox 1.0 to 2.0 Migration Best Practices
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Welcome to Lunchbox 2.0!

You are currently on Lunchbox’s 1.0 platform but are migrating to 2.0 on the date given to you for your restaurant group. We’re super excited to have you over here and can’t wait to deliver the engineering velocity and features you deserve. Let’s get started!

Guest Migration Experience:

  • Along with migrating loyalty data to 2.0 including stored valued Lunbox e-gift cards (when purchased), passwords will also be migrated.

  • Once the guest tries to log in to the 2.0 platform whether on app or web they will be able to use the same password from 1.0.

  • Guests should not need to re-verify their phone numbers before ordering on the 2.0 app or web. If prompted, the guest will receive a PIN code via SMS

  • If a guest uses a landline. The number needs to be manually verified using the Lunchbox Command Center. By Clicking Switch to Old Admin>Call Center>look up the customer>Search>click edit>check off verified under the phone number>click save.

  • Once they log in, they should see the same loyalty points and loyalty rewards that they had on 1.0

  • If the guest does not remember their password, they can reset their password on the new web ordering site / mobile app

Web Ordering:

  • Lunchbox now features a Jump to Admin Button on your ordering URL that is only visible for managers and admins of your restaurant which is WEB ONLY. From here you easily access your restaurant's Admin Dashboard.

  • Locations in Lunchbox that are set to Test Locations will be visible in the UI with a Test Icon and are only visible to Admins. This is to help with testing new coupons and menu items in the future.

  • Set your web popup! This is a great place to leverage comms for your new site! Consider adding text that educates your guest on how to log in. Design>Web>Custom Popup

Web View

App Ordering:

  • The night before your given date for the launch, Lunchbox will push out the app update for 2.0

  • Lunchbox will also update the carousel image on the 1.0 site to encourage guests to download the new app.

  • Most customers will automatically upgrade to the new app, some will do it manually depending on the settings specific to each user's mobile device.

  • There will be a small group of customers that still have the 1.0 app if they are not upgrading.

  • Customers will be able to place orders on the 1.0 app and redeem available loyalty credits, or any active discounts on the 1.0 platform through the App Ordering experience.

  • Customers will still accrue points for in-app ordering on the 1.0 App. We migrate all customer data prior to launch, however in leaving both apps on there might be a few guests that don’t have the loyalty points match or credits show accurately from 1.0 to 2.0. Don’t worry, credits and points can easily be adjusted using the admin dashboard for guests with discrepancies and can be referenced by looking up the customer in the 1.0 Dashboard.

  • Use of Scan for Pay and Scan For Loyalty through the 1.0 App will no longer be available. Toast only allows one loyalty and tender integration at a time and access will now be transferred to the 2.0 dashboard. In order to use these new features the team in the restaurant should have the guest download the new app and sign in using their existing Lunchbox Credentials.

  • Locations in Lunchbox that are set to Test Locations will be visible in the UI on APP but are NOT indicated with a Test Icon and are only visible to Admins. This is to help with testing new coupons and menu items in the future.

  • Packing Instructions have been streamlined down to a single checkbox at cart where a guest can opt to include utensils or not include utensils.

  • Set your app pop-up! This is a great place to leverage comms for your new site! Consider adding text that educates your guest on how to log in.

  • Certain changes within Design>Mobile App require a new build for changes to take effect. To have a new app released please email [email protected] and cc your CSM.

    • App Icons

    • iOS & Android Identifier

    • Fonts and Font Files

    • Apple Pay & Google Pay

    • Social Sign On

    • Google Analytics Configuration

  • If your restaurant runs internal use service types during your migration and you are attempting to test those service types. To get the internal user service types to display on app follow these steps.

    • login with your admin account in the app

    • close the app

    • on web open your 2.0 ordering site

    • login on web, or if you are logged in refresh the page

    • reopen app

    • you will should see the internal use service types now.

Checkout: Apple Pay & Google Pay

  • Apple Pay is available for app and web (mobile)

  • For desktop ordering, Apple Pay is only supported with the Safari Browser. This is a limitation on the Apple Side.

  • Google Pay will be enabled post-migration (requirement from Google Pay)

Guest Checkout

  • Guest Checkout is now available on Lunchbox 2.0

  • Guest Checkout is available only to non-registered email addresses / mobile phone numbers. If you have previously registered, you will be prompted to log in.

Scan to Pay & Scan for Loyalty:

  • As with Lunchbox 1.0, the guest can provide their mobile number (linked to their Lunchbox 2.0 account) to restaurant staff to be input into the POS Terminal for Loyalty Lookup and accrual for an order placed.

  • Lunchbox 2.0 must apply the Lunchbox V2 Tender API integration to the same GUID that you are sending through your other payment transactions. This is different from 1.0 behavior. Please note that payments will now process through a single GUID.

  • On the app, a guest is able to show the restaurant staff their QRCode for either Scan to Pay or Scan for Loyalty.

    • NOTE: These are two different QRCodes on the ‘Scan’ that can be accessed via the ‘Scan’ tab on the app

Catering Ordering:

  • This feature is now available in the app and web!

    • App

  • Web

  • Loyalty points and rewards are now going to be accrued for Catering Orders.

  • The same Loyalty program applies for both native ordering and catering.

  • Catering Orders must have Hold Future Orders setting in place on the service type if you wish to continue making adjustments to orders before sending them to the POS.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Lunchbox is in the process of releasing a new version for the 2.0 admin dashboard. At times there will be settings on the Jump to Admin that will link to old admin. This sometimes requires a user to log in again.


Business Hours:

Call Center & Order Dashboard:

Coupon / Discount Management:


  • Transactional emails (not sent via are unable to be branded using the Lunchbox 2.0 Admin Dashboard. For example, the order confirmation email, password reset and order cancellation

Google Tag Manager:

  • In admin Lunchbox will add the Google Tab Manager Credentials. Please test that all of the necessary data points are flowing through for Lunchbox 2.0 web ordering and app prior to migration.

Location Management:


  • New Menu GUIDs require the intervention of Lunchbox Support to add menus into Lunchbox. Please email [email protected] and they will help to get the new menu added to Lunchbox.

Orders & Order Search:



Service Type Management:

  • From the Service Types tab, you have the ability to:

    • Enable/Disable the status of the service

    • Enable/Disable Payment options

    • Set Lead and Prep times along with order minimums (Toast Clients - Native Ordering will import these values from Toast for Pickup & Delivery. (Catering is managed in Lunchbox))

    • Add/Edit Subtotal Prep Time rules

    • Manage Order Handling options

    • Set Tax Rules (tax rate is synched from the POS)

    • Set/Update Days/Hours of service

Time Slots:

User Management:

Delivery Dispatch:


  • If you have any active integrations on Lunchbox 1.0 (Ex: Gift Card, Surveys), please be sure to test these out via test orders during your User Acceptance Testing and Friends and Family phase prior to migration

Payment Processing:

Support Resources:

  • Please be sure to look for Lunchbox 2.0-specific articles in the Lunchbox Help Center which are in the ‘Lunchbox 2.0 Platform’ section

  • Contact your HQ Help Desk team for assistance. They will escalate to Lunchbox Support if needed

    • Lunchbox Support can be reached at [email protected] or via Live Chat on the Lunchbox Help Center or Lunchbox 2.0 Admin Site which can be accessed via the ‘Jump to Admin’ link on the web ordering site which is not visible to customers. Best practice is to report each issue individually

Additional Doc Resources By POS Type

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