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LB 2.0 Catering: Editing Orders from Call Center
LB 2.0 Catering: Editing Orders from Call Center
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Editing Catering Orders From the Call Center


  • You can only “edit” catering orders if it is outside of the Catering Service Type “Lead Time.”

    • For example, if your Lead Time is set to 24 hours (1440 mins), and the order is scheduled for 12 p.m., you can only edit the order before 12 p.m. the day before it is scheduled to make changes.

Note: Orders will arrive as “Held” orders, and you can view, edit, and cancel until the lead time allows.

  • Alternatively, you can temporarily manually adjust your Catering Service Type “Lead Time”, make the needed changes to the order and manually revert back to your standard lead time.

  • If you edit a catering order, make sure to “Finish Order Update” or “Send as a Quote.” Otherwise, your order will be stuck in “Edit in Progress” and can only be found by looking up the customer and viewing their order history from the Command (formerly Call) Center.

  • For quoted orders, the customer will be sent a link to complete payment. They must do this before the lead time restriction to avoid any payment issues and an order being stuck in a “Quoted” state.

    • Additionally, “Quoted Orders” can only be found by looking up the customer and viewing their order history from the Command (formerly Call) Center (similar to Edit in Progress” orders.

Edit Catering Orders & Confirming Changes

Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Call Center

Step 2: From the Call Center, navigate to the Order Dashboard

Step 3: Navigate to the order you would like to Edit and hit the drop-down arrow

Step 4: Click on Edit to edit the Catering Order

Step 5: To confirm any changes made on this page, navigate to Restaurants and click on "Change Order"

Step 6: Once selected, click on "Confirm Changes" to apply the updates you've made on this page (you can confirm changes for orders here when changing the date, day and transferring to a different location)

Note: Always ensure that the guest is aware that payment will need to be reprocessed when transferring an order. Additionally, avoid making changes to orders due on the same day to prevent issues with order processing and POS integration.

Troubleshooting: Missing 'Confirm Changes' Option

If you do not see the option to 'confirm changes' when attempting to transfer a catering order, it may be due to an override on the business hours set for that day. Overrides can affect the functionality of the Catering Editor and prevent certain actions from being completed.

In such cases, you may need to:

  • Check if there is a business hours override for the day in question.

  • Temporarily revert any hour overrides to allow for the transfer of the order by canceling either one of the orders.

  • After making the necessary changes, you can reapply the hour overrides as needed.

Edit Catering Orders: Change Service Type

Step 7a: Follow Steps 1-4 to navigate to the Catering Editor

Step 8b: To change the service type from Catering Delivery to Catering Pickup or vice versa, select the desired service type and confirm the changes

Step 9c: Once finished, follow Steps 5-6 to Save and Confirm Changes

Edit Catering Orders: Change the Date and Time

Step 7b: To change the scheduled ready time for the order, select Hour & Minute you would like to update.

Note: Never select ASAP for Catering Orders as these are scheduled orders

Step 8b: To change the scheduled ready date for the order, select the date from the calendar.

Step 9b: Once finished, follow Steps 5-6 to Save and Confirm Changes

Edit Catering Orders: Transfer to a different location

Step 7c: Follow Steps 1-4 to navigate to the Catering Editor

Step 8c: Select the location that you would like to transfer the order to by selecting Change Order on a location NOT highlighted like the example below.

Note: If the Catering order is a delivery order, it will present locations that are within the Delivery Rules based on the address.

Step 9c: Click on "Confirm Changes" on the new location to transfer the order to that location.

Edit Catering Orders: Edit Items

If you are changing more than the Service Type, Date, Time, and/or Location for the catering order, you can Edit Items using the Catering Order Editor. This is a great option if you need to add/remove/edit items in a submitted Catering Order for the guest to review and confirm.

Step 7d: Follow Steps 1-4 to navigate to the Catering Editor

Step 8d: From the Catering Editor, navigate to Restaurants and click on "Change Order"

Step 9d: Instead of simply confirming changes being performed on the previous screen, now you will click "Confirm and Edit Items"

Step 10d: This will open up the Catering Order Editor, which is a simplified version of your guest-facing order site. From here you can make changes, add items, remove items, apply discounts and make a number of other changes for the guest to review and re-submit with payment.

Step 11d: Select the items you would like to add, edit or remove

Step 12d: When you have completed the order changes, click on "Check Out"

Step 13d: To send the order update back to the customer to add payment, click "Save as Quote".

Note: If you are not adding an additional amount to the order, you can simply select "Update" and these will apply the changes without requesting additional payment.

Step 14d: Once selected, enter a name for the quote, check off "Send Copy to Customer" and click "Save". This will automatically email the customer with a link to provide payment and resubmit the Catering Order.

Edit Catering Orders: Finding Quoted Orders

When Quoted Catering Orders are sent back to customers for payment, they won't appear on the Order Dashboard, until fully completed again.

Step 7e: From the Call Center Order Dashboard, navigate back to "Customer Ordering"

Step 8e: To find the order, search for the customer using their name, phone number, email, order ID, or whatever you have available and click "Search" using the name for the example here

Step 9e: The Search will show you customer information from the field you enter (the name for this example. To find the Quoted order, Click on "History."

Note: This is also where you can start an order for a guest, apply for tax-exempt status, or update their contact information.

Step 10e: Order History will show you all of the customer's orders, including the Quoted Order, sent back to the customer for payment

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