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LB 2.0 Operate: Orders
LB 2.0 Operate: Orders
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​Operate: Orders

1. Click on Operate

2. Click on Orders

The Orders tab will initially show all Locations and Service Types which you then can filter down to specific locations, service types, statuses and dates.

3. Click on + Location

The Orders tab will show all or 1 location's orders for the day or scheduled in the future.

If you would like to see past orders, simply change the date or date range.

4. Select a Location

You can search using the name, store id or select from the dropdown.

5. Apply Location Filter

After you've selected the location, apply the filters to display the location's orders.

6. Location Orders

Once you've applied the location filter, you will be able to view orders, their details, status and customer information.

7. Click on + Order Status

If you would like to filter the location's orders by their status, you can choose any applicable status.

8. Select a Status

Search or select an applicable Status to filter. This may include what is displayed across the top of the order screen including:

  • Unacknowledged (red) - order is waiting for manual approval

  • Acknowledged (blue) - order has been manually approved

  • Held (yellow) - order has been automatically approved, but has not been fired to the POS

  • Admin Hold (orange) - order tried to automatically fire 10 times, but received a POS error

  • Sent to POS (green) - order successfully sent to the POS

  • Completed (grey) - order successfully sent to the POS and has been closed out

9. Click on + Date

If you would like to filter the location's orders by the date they are to be sent to the POS, choose any date or date range.

10. Select a Date

Select the date that you would like to use to filter your orders.

11. Click on + Sort By

Sort the page's orders for the location by selecting an applicable filter.

12. Select a Sort By option

Sort the location's orders by the following:

  • Order Status Normal

  • Order Status Inverted

  • Customer Name

  • Driver Name

  • Order Number

13. Click on Reset Filters to remove any filters mentioned above

This will remove filters for the location, order status, date and sort by selections made.

14. Order Options

On the location's Order tab, you can view Order Details and perform some manual functions like:

  • Firing Held and Acknowledged Orders to the POS

  • Acknowledging Unacknowledged Orders

  • Releasing Admin Hold Orders (after they have been fixed and resolved)

  • Cancel Order

  • Refund Order

15. Fire Held or Acknowledged Orders

If you manually manage all orders or would like to "Fire" orders to the POS, you can do so for Held or Acknowledged orders.

16. Click on the 3 dots for More Order Options

For more options to manage a specific order, select the 3 dots to the right of the order.

17. Click on View Details

Select "View Details" to open up Order Details

Order Details

Order Details is still available in the previous version of the Admin, but you can still access an order's information from the location's Order Screen.

1. Order Details Content

The selected order will display the following:

  • Order Number - chronological and easily searchable

  • Location Details - the location where the order was placed

  • Customer Info - customer name, email & phone number

  • Payment Information - customer's payment method

  • Itemized Receipt - items orders, taxes, tips, service charges, etc.

  • Order History - order flow through the Lunchbox system

  • Payment History - payment flow of pending and accepted payments

  • Email History - emails sent to the customer, brand and/or support

2. Expand Order History

View the order flow through the Lunchbox system

3. Expand Payment History

View the payment flow of pending and accepted payments.

4. Expand Email History

View emails sent to the customer, brand and/or support.

5. Click on Orders to Return to the Orders Tab

The "Orders" button will take you back to the location's order page.

6. Location Orders

Note: There will be more functionality added to the Orders tab in future releases such as:

  • Search for Orders

  • Order Details

  • Pack Lists

  • Cancelations and Refunds

Stay Tuned!

Old 2.0 Admin Instructions: Please refer to this Orders Management article.

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