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Delivery Dispatch: Public Tracking Customization
Delivery Dispatch: Public Tracking Customization
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Delivery Dispatch: Public Tracking Customization

Customize the tracking view to align with your brand identity. All modifications will be immediately visible in the preview section located on the right side of the page.

Setting Up Delivery Tracking Branding

With Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch, restaurants can brand their delivery tracking link pages to their liking. These are the tracking links that are texted to the guest after placing their order.

You will see a live preview of the changes on the right.

  1. From LB Delivery Dispatch Dashboard, click on Settings

  1. Click on Tracking located under Customization

Here is a list of the information you can set:

  • Logo: Upload a logo for the restaurant brand

  • Brand Colors: Can be the primary brand color of the restaurant

  • Configure Sections: All these toggles are self-explanatory, and should be kept the same

  • Business Details: Please fill out this information (at least the Business Name)

    • Business Name: Name of the restaurant brand

    • Website URL: Website of the restaurant

    • Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / TikTok Handle: Add where applicable, optional.

Note: Any change that you make on the left, will show what it will look like to the customer on the right.

  1. After filling this out, press Save Changes, and now that branding will be applied to all the restaurant's delivery tracking links.

Note: If you ended up making multiple accounts for this brand due to location/franchisee billing, be sure to perform this step for each account.

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