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Delivery Dispatch: Dashboard Overview
Delivery Dispatch: Dashboard Overview
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LB Delivery Dispatch: Dashboard Overview

Let's tour the LB Delivery Dispatch Dashboard and the options you have to manage your Lunchbox delivery orders.

Table of Contents

Logging into LB Delivery Dispatch

1. Navigate to and click Login:

2. Enter Lunchbox-provided login credentials and click Continue:

Delivery History Details

1. Find and Manage Delivery Orders:

a. Click on the Truck Icon on the left side of the screen to load the delivery history page.

b. By default the delivery history page will display all deliveries scheduled for today.

c. You look up previous orders by adjusting the date on the top left.

d. You can also search for orders, sort, group by, adjust column settings, and export deliveries on the top right.

Note: The Delivery History page is essentially the LB Delivery Dispatch Home page.

2. Click on any order to view the Job Details:

3. View a quick view of the delivery Job Details:

Note: The customer will see something similar when they are provided a link to their delivery updates.

4. Click on See details to view more information regarding this order:

5. From the Delivery Job Details page, you'll be able to make adjustments to orders:

a. You can manually assign or reassign delivery orders to the provider of your choice.

b. You can report an incident or cancel deliveries.


View your Delivery metrics from the Analytics page.

1. Click on the Analytics icon to view your location(s)' performance:


1. Adjust the settings for your brand's locations

1. Click on the Gear icon to view your settings:

2. Team: Members

Manage team members of your organization. Add new team members, assign roles and remove people from your organization. Additional details here:

3. Customization: Tracking

Customize the tracking view to align with your brand identity. All modifications will be immediately visible in the preview section located on the right side of the page. Additional details here:

4. Dispatch: Strategies

Click on Strategies to navigate to your strategies. Additional details here:

Note: If you are only using 1 strategy, this will take you directly to Job Settings.

5. Strategies: Job Settings

a. Provider Selection: Add allowed providers from the list and define strategy.

b. Rules: Behavior or requirements for this strategy.

c. Delivery Fees: Define fees and how it can be split between you and your customers.

6. Dispatch: Automation

Click on Automations to navigate to your automations.

Note: If you only are using 1 automation, this will take you directly to the 1 Rule in place.

7. Automations: Rules

Automations apply to all deliveries that meet the defined criteria and do not have a dispatch strategy attached.

a. Define Rules: Define the rules that will drive this automation. You can add multiple criteria to trigger the same automation. Based on the criteria, the chosen dispatch strategy will be applied to the job.

b. Apply Dispatch Strategy: Choose the dispatch strategy that will be applied to the job when the criteria is met.

8. Dispatch: Locations

Set up your Locations for personalized Delivery Services. Additional details here:

9. Billing: Manage

Manage your payment methods and invoices. Additional details here:

a. Payment Methods: Manage your payment methods. You can add a new payment method.

b. Invoices: View the list of invoices. You can pay an invoice by clicking on the pay button.

10. Billing: Refund Requests

View the status of any submitted incidents needing refunds. Additional instructions here:

11. Notifications: Triggers

LB Dispatch has a built-in, fully customizable, notifications platform. This platform enables you to own the end-to-end customer experience and keep your internal teams up to speed on potential issues. Additional details here:

Create Jobs

1. Click the Plus icon to create a delivery job manually:

These are typically auto-generated with the Lunchbox integration for delivery orders, but if you need to create a job manually, use this option and fill out all the needed info for the delivery. Additional details here:

2. Fill out Pickup, Dropoff, and Delivery Details, then click Next to Assign a delivery provider and manually send out the order:

Logging Out of LB Delivery Dispatch

1. Click the Exit icon in the bottom left to log out of the Delivery Dispatch Dashboard:

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