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Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch Overview
Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch Overview
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With Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch, restaurants can use Lunchbox to manage how their 1st party online orders are dispatched to last-mile delivery fleets.

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Table of Contents

Delivery Dispatch Overview

What & Why

Stop paying commissions and transform the chaos of Delivery Management with Delivery Dispatch - the reliable solution that simplifies last-mile delivery tech, logistics, and operations.

How Delivery Dispatch helps restaurants:

  • Deliver reliably and reduce costs

  • Provide best-in-class off-premise guest experiences

  • Streamline delivery operations and save time

  • Seamlessly scale delivery capabilities

  • Enhanced branded experiences and own your data


  • One dashboard for real-time status updates and driver locations.

  • branded communication via SMS or email, allowing customer interactions in the brand’s voice.

  • Real-time branded status updates for customers and performance metrics for brand/franchisees.


  • Customized dispatch strategies to control delivery operations based on order value, reliability, or driver preferences.

  • Instand national and local coverage with a network of 500+ delivery providers, including W-2 fleets.

  • Cost-effective delivery with industry-best rates, smart routing, and batching.


  • Seamless integration with any tech stack through a single API, including internal fleets.

  • White-label capability to fit seamlessly with a restaurant's preferred platform.

  • Simplified billing and support with one reconciled invoice and support via Phone, Chat & Email.

In the past, restaurants were constrained to a handful of last-mile delivery fleets (Relay, Uber Direct) and only used 1 fleet per location.

Now, with Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch, restaurants can use multiple last-mile delivery fleets for each location and set strategies on which fleet would be dispatched for the order and under what circumstances.

Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch vs the Competitors

Delivery Dispatch Strategies

  • No Preference - This is where you let the marketplaces compete for the order based on rules that you set in Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch.

  • Preferred Integration - This means you set a tier of preferred partners, and Delivery Dispatch will try to assign to the preferred partner first.

  • Full exclusivity - This means you set up one of the Last Mile Delivery Partners as the only Delivery provider. This is needed when you have exclusive agreements set up with the Last Mile Delivery Provider and the Marketplace. (Example: UberDirect offered you a discount rate if you only use Ubereats as your third-party marketplace.)


When the Auto Dispatch toggle is enabled, a job will be matched with a delivery provider as soon as it enters the Nash portal. This means a delivery will be dispatched to a provider almost immediately. In most cases, this is the preferred method of dispatch. The selection strategy setting described below determines the delivery provider each job gets dispatched to.

NOTE: The most common setting is to have auto-dispatch enabled. If you have any questions, please contact the Nash support team.

Selection Strategy

Jobs that are assigned via auto-dispatch are assigned to a delivery provider based on one of the selection strategies:

  1. Price: Choosing a price-based selection strategy will compare all of the available delivery provider’s quotes and dispatch the delivery to the one with the lowest price.

  2. Ranked: Choosing a selection strategy based on rank allows you to set your preferred delivery providers. Jobs will be dispatched based on which providers are available for each job.

  3. Reliability: Choosing a reliability-based dispatch will engage with Nash’s proprietary algorithm that ranks each delivery provider’s reliability. Several factors, including completion rate, cancellation rate, and on-time rate, determine this.

NOTE: The most common selection strategy used is a price-based strategy.

Fees for Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch are negotiated with Lunchbox and signed into a contract/amendment by the customer per fleet (ie. Relay, Uber Direct, etc all have different rates.)

A restaurant can verify its rate for the fleet by hovering over the "Provider" for a job in its Delivery Dispatch dash.

Do NOT pay attention to the rates listed in the Dispatch Strategies section within Settings. These don't mean anything to the restaurant, and what they will be charged will be what was in their contract.


Lunchbox's Delivery Dispatch will benefit the following customers:

  • Restaurants using 1st Party Delivery on App & Web

  • Restaurants using 1st Party Catering Delivery

This is not for:

  • Order Aggregation/Marketplace Deliveries (Orders that come from Grubhub, Ubereats)


General Availability: Available NOW! as of June 2023

To get onboarded onto Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch, customers need to have Delivery Dispatch in their contract or sign an amendment. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more!

Supported Lunchbox Products

The following Lunchbox products are supported with this integration:

  • 1st Party Ordering

  • Catering


  • Delivery Dispatch for Order Aggregation/Marketplace Orders are not supported

  • Only last-mile delivery partners with which Lunchbox has negotiated and set rates can be used with Lunchbox Delivery dispatch. The currently negotiated last-mile delivery partners are (with more to come):

    • Uber Direct

    • Relay

  • Billing is account-specific and not location-specific. If the restaurant needs to have location-specific billing, we will need to onboard them onto multiple Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch accounts.

Common Questions

  • Who will handle the contract and relationship if I use Delivery Dispatch?

    • If you are leveraging our preferred rates, you will not need to have a contract with the provider. This will be one less vendor for you to manage, and we will do the work for you.

  • What if I want to leverage your preferred rates but I am under contract with a delivery provider?

    • This may not be an issue. Review your agreement and see if there is an order minimum. If no order minimum exists, you can most likely leverage our partnership. Please check with your legal counsel to ensure that there are no other contractual obligations.

  • I have an agreement with DoorDash marketplace or Uber Eats for specific rates that is linked with my DoorDash Drive or Uber Direct contract. Am I able to maintain that exclusivity?

    • Yes. You can simply only approve Doordash Drive or Uber Direct as your preferred or only delivery provider under Settings > Dispatch Strategies of your Delivery Dispatch dashboard. We will need to work with you during onboarding to gain access to your existing API.

  • Are we required to be on DoorDash marketplace or Uber Eats if I decide to use DoorDash Drive or Uber Direct?

    • No. You can keep use Uber and DoorDash last mile delivery services without onboarding to the Marketplace.

  • What do i do if I have a preferred partner and there is an outage?

    • Dispatch allows you to access multiple delivery providers. If one delivery provider fails to accept the order, the order will automatically re-dispatch to the next preferred provider in your settings. Order of provider preferences can be set based on lowest cost, highest reliability, or manual rankings.

  • If I need a refund on an order that didn’t get sent out what do I do?

    • Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch has a way to go into our dashboard, find the order, and request a refund. We will handle the hassle of the back and forth and come back to you with the results. You can view the progress of your refund requests in Settings > Refunds on your Delivery Dispatch dashboard.

  • We spent lots of time training up our current provider. Are there options to provide feedback or ban drivers?

    • Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch has a way to go into our dashboard, find the order, and report the driver. We will handle the comms with the Driver Team once you have submitted your feedback and help deliver results.

  • Can I keep my current dispatch rate?

  • Can I collect payment in Cash?

    • No

  • How do I access the Delivery Dispatch dashboard?

    • You can easily access the dashboard from your own tablet or computer.

  • How can a I request to have a particular delivery provider removed from my service?

    • You can request the removal of a specific delivery provider by emailing customer support and specifying which provider you want to remove.

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