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Curbside Check-In Configuration (LB 2.0)
Curbside Check-In Configuration (LB 2.0)
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Curbside Check-In Configuration (LB 2.0)

Table of Contents

Setting your Parking Spaced Threshold

  1. Log in to the older version of the 2.0 Admin Dashboard

  2. In the Location settings in Lunchbox Dashboard click on edit

Click on edit
  1. Add the number of parking spaces available at that location in the 'Checkin Spaces'

  1. Click on update

Click on update

Adding a Curbside Check-In Service Type

  1. Click on Menus

  1. Click on Service Types

  1. Click on Create a New Service Type

  1. Type the name of the Service Type in the 'Service Type Name'

  1. Type the customer-facing name of the service type in the 'Display Name' field

  1. Check off "Is Visible"

  1. Scroll down and select Save

  1. Click on Service Types

Click on addnew
  1. Click on the Service Type you just added

Click on Service Types
  1. Under the section "Status", check "Approved" and scroll down and click "Save Changes" towards the bottom of the page.

  1. Then go back up and Click "Enabled" under "Status" and scroll down and click "Save Changes"

**These 2 boxes ("Approved" and "Enabled") cannot be checked off simultaneously and need to be checked off and saved in 2 separate steps!**

Once the approved is checked off and saved, you can then check off "enabled" as well as the payment option under "Payment Processing".

Check Approved

(The respective payment options underneath "Payment Processing" should also be checked off after approval is saved - In this instance, it is "Vantiv Worldpay")

  1. Scroll down to the section "Order Handling" and Check off "Allow Check-in"

  1. Click on "Save Changes"

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