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Curbside Check-In: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)
Curbside Check-In: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)
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Curbside Check-In: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)

When the guest starts their order, they will be given the option to select their Service Type. If the guest chooses a service type with Check-in enabled (Curbside), they will be guided to go through the Check-in workflow, as described below.

When the guest reaches the check-out screen, they will be prompted to enter their vehicle information and place the order.

Once the Order has been placed, the guest will notice the Check-in button at the bottom of the order confirmation screen.

Once the guest is on-site and parked, they can select the Check-in button to check themselves in and input which parking spot they have parked in.

Once the guest has checked in, they will receive a confirmation, and the restaurant will be notified that the guest is ready for their order to be delivered.

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