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Delivery Dispatch: Adding Locations
Delivery Dispatch: Adding Locations
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Delivery Dispatch: Adding Locations

Setting Up Locations

Once Lunchbox has your Delivery Dispatch account created, you can start setting up locations for your restaurant.

Note: If you don’t see the option in Settings to add a location, please reach out to [email protected].

HQ Billing (1 bank account for all locations) would have 1 organization (or 1 LB Delivery account) with multiple locations within the single account.
Location Billing (bank account varies by location) would have 1 organization and need 1 location.

If you need a new organization created, please reach out to [email protected]

1. Start by navigating to the Settings page, by selecting "Settings" from the left menu bar.

2. Navigate to Locations, and select "New Location"

3. Fill out the appropriate name for the store, as well as the address for the store. Then press "Next".

4. Next, fill out the Pickup Details:

  • Store Contact: Information that will be shown to drivers to contact your store.

    • Name: Restaurant Manager

    • Phone Number: Store Phone Number

    • Email Address: Store Email Address

  • Pickup Instructions (Optional): Instructions to provide guidance to the driver upon arriving at the location to pick up a package.

5. Afterwards, press Save and you are complete with adding the location.

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