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Coupon / Discount Overview
Coupon / Discount Overview
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Coupon / Discount Overview

This article will show you the different types of coupons and discounts.

Table of Contents

NOTE: CLUs, Promo Codes, Discount Codes should be all lowercase or all uppercase letters.

Coupon Setup Options

  • Auto Apply: Automatically apply discount at check out

  • CLU code: Require code to be entered at check out

  • Apply to Subtotal (default): Apply discount to order total before sales tax

  • Apply to total: Apply discount to order total including sales tax

Coupons can be limited by…

  • Expiration date

  • Number of uses by customer (coupon is flagged for # of uses by Credit Card # and account information)

  • Number of uses per restaurant

  • Total number of uses per coupon

  • Minimum purchase required

  • Specific item purchase required

Coupon discount can…

  • Deduct a percentage from order subtotal

  • Deduct a percentage from a specific item’s price (Ex: Buy 1 get 1 at 50% off, Buy 1 get 1 free)

  • Deduct a dollar amount from order subtotal

  • Be a Fixed price for multiple items (Ex: 3 burgers for $3)

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