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LB 2.0 Operate: Unavailable Items
LB 2.0 Operate: Unavailable Items
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LB 2.0 Operate: Unavailable Items Overview

The Unavailable Items tab allows for quick and easy access to β€œ86” or make items unavailable at the click of a button.

Unavailable Items Management: By Items

Step 1: To use this feature, navigate to the New Adm Dashboard by clicking on 'Jump to Admn" on your web ordering

Step 2: Click Operate> Unavailable Items tab

Step 3: Select the Location where you wish to mark an item unavailable

Step 4: Click on Item

Step 5: Click "+ add item unavailability"

Add Item Unavailability

On this screen, users with the permission can 86 items.

  • First they must select the location

  • Then they select the menu they wish to 86 the item for

  • Then they select the item they wish to 86

  • The Size

  • The Style

Note: When a user in Lunchbox Admin marks an item unavailable from the unavailable items tab, it will stay unavailable until it is manually made available again in the Admin Dashboard by clicking the red Delete button. 86ing and un86ing in the POS will not reactivate a manually set unavailable item or modifier.

Unavailable Items Management: By Category

On this screen users can 86 an entire category of items.

  • First they must select the location

  • Then select the menu

  • Then select category.

Mark Items as Unavailable

At times, you may need to mark certain items or modifiers as unavailable on your menu. This could be due to various reasons such as stock unavailability, seasonal changes, or testing purposes. Here's how you can easily toggle the availability of items or modifiers globally within the Lunchbox platform. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Menu tab in your Lunchbox admin dashboard.

  2. Locate the item or modifier you wish to update. You can do this by scrolling through the list or using the search function.

  3. Click the + icon beside the name of the item or modifier to expand its details.

  4. You will see an option to toggle between Active and Inactive. Here's what the toggle looks like:

  5. Click the toggle to set the item or modifier to Inactive. This will mark the item or modifier as unavailable and it will be turned off globally.

Important Notes

  • Once you mark an item or modifier as inactive, it will no longer be available for selection by customers across all locations.

  • If you need to reactivate the item or modifier, simply follow the same steps and toggle the option back to Active.

  • It is recommended to update an item's availability on Toast and then run a POS Upload to ensure consistency across platforms.

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