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LB 2.0 Operate: Locations
LB 2.0 Operate: Locations
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Operate: Locations

The "Locations" tab allows you to update and change the brand's location information and how it is displayed online to guests.

1. Click on Operate

2. Click on Locations

Search or Select Location

  1. From the Locations page, you can find and select the location to view or use the "Search" or "Sort By" filters.

2. Select the Location

3. View the Location Details

Note: Location Details are often synced from the POS and will be overwritten on the next POS sync.

4. Click on Details to see the Location Details.

Edit Location

  1. Edit: Store Info

View and make updates to the location's name, timezone, and address.

Note: important things you can update here that won't be overwritten by POS sync is:

  1. Email Address for Orders

  2. Announcement on the location's menu page

Edit: Store Info - "E-Mail Adress for Orders" Field

The email registered will receive a notification for every order placed.

To confirm the email history, go to Operate>Orders>Find an order # > Go to order details on the three dots > Check email history for the order at that store

Store Image

Image that identifies your location on the customer end of web and app ordering

Image Dimensions should be 1400W x 699H pixels

Limited to 2MB

Format must be PNG, SVG, GIF, JPEG, JPG

This is how it will look on the customer end

This image is optional. If you choose not to upload one, this is what it will look like

Store Marker

Used to indicate a store's location on the map

Image Dimensions should be 74W x 100H pixels

Limited to 2MB

Format must be PNG, SVG, GIF, JPEG, JPG

Note: If you wish to have one store marker per location, use the local settings Store Marker above. The local setting will ALWAYS override the global setting. To set up a Global Store Marker for all locations, follow the Web Design: Map Style

2. Edit: Contact Info

View and change the contact info, such as the Phone Number that appears to the guest.

3. Edit: Owner Info

View and make changes to the Owner info. This field is for record-keeping purposes - I.E., the franchise/location owners' contact info.

4. Edit: Configuration Info

View and make changes to the configuration info, such as POS type setup, Loyalty Provider, and location status (where you can close a location or make it a test location).

5. Edit: Save Changes

Save any changes you've made to the Location's page.

Old 2.0 Admin Instructions: Please refer to this Location Management article.

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