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Delivery Dispatch: Manually Creating Delivery Jobs
Delivery Dispatch: Manually Creating Delivery Jobs
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Delivery Dispatch: Manually Creating Delivery Jobs

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Creating Manual Delivery Jobs

LB Delivery Dispatch will automatically create deliveries when delivery orders are placed and sent through the Lunchbox Dashboard to the POS. But sometimes you may need to create a delivery manually, directly in the LB Delivery Dispatch portal (like phone orders). The following steps will show you how to create a Manual Delivery “Job” from the LB Delivery Dispatch portal:

1. From anywhere in the LB Delivery Dispatch Portal, click on the + icon and click on Create Job:

2. Enter Pickup Details (store location that is under Use Saved Location):

3. Enter Dropoff Details (customer info):

4. Enter Delivery Details (order #, total, etc.):

Note: For Package Value, enter the Total minus the tip and add the Tip to the Driver Tip field.

5. Select the Dispatch Strategy if you have one and click on Submit:

6. If you didn't select a Dispatch Strategy, Assign a Provider and click Select Provider:

7. If you created a Delivery Job without assigning a Strategy or Provider, you can click Cancel and review the Job further before assignment:

8. When ready to assign a provider, select from the list of available providers and click Assign Provider:

Note: You can also link, edit, add notes, reassign and/or cancel jobs at the top of this page.

9. Once you've assigned a provider, you can track the status of the delivery on the Deliveries Dashboard until the Dropoff is complete:

Delivery Job Specifics

Every delivery consists of 3 basic tenets: a pickup location, a dropoff location, and something to be delivered-package information. By filling in the information for each of these items you will create a delivery.

Pickup Information

Pickup information consists of an address, a name, a phone number, and instructions that will help the driver locate the intended location. Let's examine each of those in more detail.

Pickup Address

This field is required and is the address that the delivery driver will need to go to in order to start the delivery. LB Delivery Dispatch validates the address and as soon as it is validated the map will update to reflect the pickup location.

Pickup Business Name

This field is required and is the name of the business where the pickup will occur. This is especially helpful in situations where multiple businesses share an address, such as a shopping center.

If your delivery is not being picked up from a business, you can put a contact name and number for the driver to call if they need help locating the address.

Pickup Phone Number

This field is required and is the phone number the driver will use in the event they are having trouble locating the pickup location.

Pickup Instructions

This field is optional but can be helpful for the driver to understand where to go to retrieve the delivery once they have located the address. These instructions are very useful for situations where it is not obvious how to proceed, such as if the pickup is actually at a loading dock behind the building, or if there is a specific counter to pickup at or person to speak with at the pickup location.

If you are consistently creating jobs from the same few pickup locations, you can create a saved location in your Dispatch Strategy settings. Once you have one, or multiple, saved locations you can choose them by clicking on the bookmark icon.

Dropoff Information

Dropoff information is almost identical to pickup information. The only difference is that you have the ability to add the first and last name of the person receiving the delivery. All other fields are the same as when adding the pickup information.

Delivery Details

Package Info

All other information associated with the delivery can be added under the package section. This includes, but is not limited to, timing preferences, item counts, package value, driver tips, and delivery requirements. Let's review each option in detail.

Pickup Preference

By default, this option is set to now but you can also change it to scheduled. When creating a job set to now, you are requesting the earliest possible pickup and delivery. If you change the option to scheduled, you are able to set a pickup and dropoff time in the future.

Items Count

The Items Count is used to help the driver understand how many different items or packages they are delivering, This is especially useful when delivering multiple items at the same time to ensure they are all picked up together.

Package Notes

Package notes are used to provide a description of the item(s) being delivered. This is useful both for the driver's understanding and for your own reference.

Reference ID

The reference ID is an optional field that is typically generated from an external system and allows you to map an external system to an LB Delivery Dispatch delivery.

Package Value

The package value field should be the total dollar amount of the item(s) being delivered as shown on the order receipt.

Driver Tip

The driver tip is the amount of money that the driver will be tipped for completing the delivery. While tipping is not required, there is a high correlation between a driver's tip and the speed and reliability of that delivery being fulfilled.

Minimum Allowed Vehicle Size

This field allows you to indicate to the delivery providers that your delivery requires a vehicle of a specific size. For example, if you need to deliver a couch, you do not want a delivery provider showing up on a bicycle.

The minimum allowed vehicle size is not 100% enforceable. LB Delivery Dispatch will send the provided requirement to the delivery providers, but they do not always have the ability to honor it.

Dispatch Requirements

This field allows you to set the features that the delivery provider must be capable of providing for each delivery. If you select one or more requirements that a provider cannot satisfy, they will be filtered out of the provider selection process.

The industry standard requirement is photo proof of delivery, which most delivery providers can accommodate.

Dimensions (Optional)

This field allows you to tell the delivery provider the size of the item(s) in your delivery. For most deliveries, the default values do not need to be altered. If you are delivering large and/or heavy items, then providing proper size and weight dimensions will ensure an accurate quote from the delivery providers.

Dispatch Strategy

You can optionally add a dispatch strategy. Depending on the specifics of the dispatch strategy you add, your delivery may need to be manually dispatched.

See this article to learn more about dispatch strategies and how to set up auto-dispatch and reassign.

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