2g - Create a Loyalty Discount (Brink)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Let’s create a discount in Brink for use with Lunchbox Loyalty or Coupons.

Step 1: Begin by navigating to the account-specific URL to access the Brink Dashboard then click the Configurations drop-down > Settings Editor on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Next, add the Discount by clicking Discounts on the left-hand side

Step 3: Click Add New Discount button at the top.

  • Name - “Lunchbox Loyalty”

  • Active - Checked

  • Type - “comp”

  • Percent - “100”

  • Granularity - “Order”

  • Allow Prior Discount - Checked

  • Allow Later Discount - Checked

  • Discounted Items Eligible - Checked

Note: No other settings should be changed.

Step 4: Select the OK button when this is complete.

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