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Delivery Dispatch: Managing Team Members
Delivery Dispatch: Managing Team Members
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Delivery Dispatch: Managing Team Members

How to add and remove users from the Delivery Dispatch Dashboard.

Table of Contents

Add Team Member

1. Click on Settings, then under Team, select Members:

2. Click on Add Team Member:

3. Enter the user's Email Address:

4. Enter the user's First Name:

5. Enter the user's Last Name:

6. Click on Role to select permissions:

7. Select the user's Role (Admin, Operations or Owner):

  • Owner would be for the main brand Point of Contact or Owner (you can only select 1 and will be assigned to the first person on the account)

  • Admin would be for Restaurant IT members who need the same level of access as Owners.

  • Operations would be for any other brand user that needs access to this dashboard. Use this for any additional Team Member you need to provide access to the LB Delivery Dispatch Dashboard.

    • Operations Team Members would have access to creating Strategies, Managing Deliveries, Viewing Analytics and creating Manual Jobs.

8. Click on Add

9. The new user account was successfully created:

After you click Add, you'll see the new account under Members and they will receive an email invite with instructions to reset their password at :

Delete Team Member

1. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the user and Click on Remove:

2. Click Remove:

3. Once you have removed the user, they will no longer appear under Team Members:

Note: If you need to re-add a deleted Team Member, simply create them again and note that they will not receive a new invite email.

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