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GA4 Integration with Lunchbox
GA4 Integration with Lunchbox
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GA4 Ecommerce Events and Lunchbox Integration

When integrating Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Lunchbox, it's important to understand the scope of events that are automatically tracked and passed along by the integration.

Events supported by Lunchbox's GA4 integration

Lunchbox's GA4 integration supports a range of events that are automatically collected by GA4, as well as those that fall under enhanced event measurement. However, it's crucial to note that transaction data is not included in these events.

Automatically Collected Events

Automatically collected events are those that GA4 tracks without any additional configuration. These events provide insights into user interactions that are common to most websites and applications. For more details on these events, please refer to Google's documentation: Automatically collected events in GA4

Enhanced Event Measurement

Enhanced event measurement in GA4 allows for the tracking of more complex interactions on your website, such as scrolls, outbound clicks, site search, video engagement, and file downloads. For a comprehensive list and explanation of these events, visit: Enhanced event measurement in GA4


  • What about ecommerce events like 'add_to_cart' and 'purchase'?

    • While Lunchbox's GA4 integration supports a variety of events, it does not automatically pass along ecommerce-specific events such as 'add_to_cart' and 'purchase' along with the standard pageview. If you require tracking for these ecommerce events, you may need to manually configure them or use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to fire these events.

  • Can I use both GA4 and GTM with Lunchbox?

    • Currently, Lunchbox allows configuration for either GA4 or GTM tags, but not both simultaneously. If you need to track additional events beyond what is supported by the GA4 integration, GTM may be the preferred choice for its flexibility in configuring custom tags and triggers.

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