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Legacy 2.0 Admin

Lunchbox 2.0 Platform's Older Admin Version

Command (Call) Center Ordering
Master External ID Checklist
Orders: Order Testing
Understanding Prep vs Lead Time
Reconciling Payments: Lunchbox vs Lunchmoney (PARPay)
Coupon / Discount Deep Linking
Lunchbox 2.0 Admin Dashboard Training
House Accounts Overview
Command Center Overview
Non-POS Order Handling
Order Management
Coupon / Discount Overview
Master Menu Overview
Delivery Management
Delivery Driver Management
Locations Overview
Accessing the LB 2.0 Admin Dashboard
Service Type Management
Customer Ordering Tab
POS (Tab) Overview
Finance Reports (Franchisee’s Only)
View Order Details
Coupon / Discount Management
Menu Management
Location Management
My Account Overview
Catering Editor Overview
Customer Lookup
POS Agent Management
Order Search (from Reports)
Search for Orders
Coupon / Discount Examples
Menu Categories & Subcategories Management
Business Hours
Users Management
Editing Catering Orders
POS Agent Events
Sales Tax Management
Cancel or Refund Order in Lunchbox 2.0
Menu Item Management
Time Slot Editor
Location Users Management
Curbside Check-In Configuration (LB 2.0)
Quoted Catering Orders from the Call Center
POS Agent: Fire Future Orders to POS
Order Escalation Management
Menu Modes
Override Hours
Curbside Check-In: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)
Order Destination
Transfer Orders to Another Location
Menu Picklists Management
House Accounts Management
Event Logging Overview
Order Throttling
Unavailable Items
Managing Events
Local Menu Management
Catering Editor