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LB 2.0 Operate: Order Processing - Order Throttling
LB 2.0 Operate: Order Processing - Order Throttling
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Order Throttling

Order Throttling allows your restaurant to limit the number of orders or dollars spent over a selected time period. Order Throttling can be essential for ASAP Ordering during the busier service times during the restaurant's operating hours.

Time Slots can be used to pre-set Order Throttling rules, or you can turn Order Throttling on any time you need to start slowing down orders to the POS.

The guest will place their order like normal and be provided an updated ready time at checkout.

Note: Order Throttling uses Prep time, so Lead time can not be throttled and scheduled ahead orders will taken under consideration and may cause same day ASAP orders to be throttled.

1. Click on Order Throttling Rules

2. Order Throttling Rules Sub Tab

When Order Throttling Rules opens, you'll notice the ability to create Global or Local rules for your brand.

To set Local Rules, select the location you would make a rule for and it will only apply to that location.

For Global Rules, it doesn't matter if a location is selected or not. Just navigate to Global rules and click +Add Global Rule.

3. Click on + Add Local Rule

From the Local Rules section with a location selected, create a Local Rule.

4. Set the Parameters of the Local Rule

  1. Apply the Service Types this rule will apply to - or apply to all.

  2. Select the Time Slot this rule will apply to - if you would like to schedule the rule ahead of time and apply it with regularity, like during a busy dinner shift.

  3. Select the "Maximum Subtotal($)" and/or "Maximum Orders" you would like to accept for the rule.

  4. Select the "Interval in minutes" that you would like to apply to the rule.

Note: If you select both Subtotal and Orders for the rule, it will throttle based on what is hit first.

Example: If it is 7 pm, your prep time is set to 30 minutes and you would like to accept a maximum of $250 or 5 orders over a 15-minute time interval, the 1 guest who places an order that takes the total over $251 -OR- becomes the 6th order to be placed, will be throttled to 7:45 pm.

5. Click on Save

When you have set all of your Local Rule parameters, click Save

6. Active Order Throttling Rules

Once saved, your rule will be live and if it is not connected to a Time Slot, it will be Active until you Edit or Delete it.

7. Click on Rule Options

The 3 dots on the right will give you the option to Edit or Delete a rule at any time.

8. Delete Rule

Simply click on Delete to remove the active rule.

9. Successful Rule Deletion

Once deleted, the rule will be removed from your list of rules.

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