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LB 2.0 Operate: Logs - POS Errors
LB 2.0 Operate: Logs - POS Errors
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Logs: POS Errors

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Historically, only some details about Lunchbox’s interactions with the POS were surfaced within the Dashboard. When guests encounter issues, Lunchbox employees and customers are often blocked while investigating what happened because they cannot access the POS logs for a given order and/or what’s surfaced on the Event Logging page doesn’t give them enough detail. Engineers were needed to provide the logs so the investigation could move forward.


The Logs section of New Admin provides everything Event Logging provided in Old Admin (Recent Events, Alert Contacts, and Global Alerts) while adding a new POS Error Logs that will provide the API headers, request, and response for POS Errors. POS Error Logs can only be seen by Dashboard users with a Role of Corp Manager, ND Support, Store Manager, or Admin. As with Old Admin, a location must be selected before viewing POS Error Logs. Dashboard users with limited location access will only be able to see the logs for orders placed at their locations.

These POS Errors can be sorted by Created Time or Event Count and can be filtered by:

  • Order ID

    • The Lunchbox Order ID

  • External Order ID

    • The POS Order ID, when provided with that error

  • Service Type

    • Filter by one or all Service Types available at the location chosen. Defaults to All Service Types.

  • Date

    • Filter by the date or date range when errors occurred. Defaults to "Last 7 Days". There is no limit to how long logs are kept.

Within the POS Errors events, you will find the following:

  • A badge with the type of POS error (order error or menu error)

  • The message you would see on the Event Logging event or in the Order History event for that error

  • The time the error event occurred in the location's local time zone

  • The Lunchbox Order ID

  • The Lunchbox Restaurant ID

  • The Service Type for the Order, if available for that event

  • The kebab icon (in red in the screenshot) that will take you to the POS Error Details page for that order

The POS Error Details page will present every POS Error event for a given order, including the total number of events that occurred. Each event includes:

  • The date and time the event occurred in the location's local time zone

  • The POS Log ID in the event ENG needs to investigate further

  • External Status ID

  • A quick summary of the status of the API call

    • (not Ok)

    • Ok

    • ReadyForValidation

    • OrderPlaced

  • Message

  • The brief message returned by the POS provider

  • Status Code

  • The HTTP Status Code the POS Provider used when sending the response

Clicking on a POS Error event will display JSON containing the API headers, request, and response. This can be reviewed by Lunchbox employees and Lunchbox customers and/or shared with the POS Provider to assist in troubleshooting.

Because POS Error Details are typically tied to a specific order, the POS Error Details page for a given order can also be reached from the Order Details page.

The POS Errors button in the upper right-hand corner of the Order Details page will take you directly to that order's POS Error Details page.

Supported POS

All POS integrations


Only available in the 2.0 New Admin

Cannot be accessed via Old 2.0 Admin.

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