LB 2.0 Marketing FAQ
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1. I just got my account. How do I create my workspace?

Welcome to Lunchbox Marketing Tool powered by! While the platform offers plenty of features and options, we put together a quick start guide that provides a basic setup path to get you started quickly and demonstrate some of the things you can do with You’ll create a workspace, import at least one person, and set up your messaging channels!

2. I just got my Lunchbox Marketing Tool account. How long does it take to verify it?

We do our best to respond to account verification requests as quickly as possible, as we know you’re eager to start sending! We don’t currently have a set time frame for responses as it will depend on the information you submit.

3. What happens if I’m not automatically approved?

Not to worry - this just means that we need more information to verify that you are who you say you are! We’ll reach out directly and request a few additional pieces of information so we can move forward with approval.

4. Will all workflows, mailing lists, and segments be migrated over from Campaigner?

Yes, all of the above will be migrated into your new accounts from your previous POS, Loyalty and/or CRM solutions. You just have to make sure to integrate data sources and send data to programmatically.

5. Can I segment my guests?

Most Definetely. If you’re going to use attributes and events to group people, trigger campaigns, and so on, you should know what attributes and events are available to you. If you’re not already aware of the data coming into your system, you can see the attributes and events in your system under Integrations > Data Index.

6. How do I set up campaigns and workflow?

A message is what you want to send. But before you send a message, you have to determine who to send your message to and when to send it. You answer these questions when you set up a campaign, broadcast, newsletter, or transactional message. Each of these mechanisms has a different use case, but they all contain the same basic concepts/questions.

7. What does measure?

We primarily focus on two kinds of metrics. You may find a combination of both of these things on the Dashboard, Analysis, and Campaign Overview pages. While they often correspond, it’s important to note that we measure two different things.

On your Dashboard, we also calculate:

  • Segment membership metrics, which show how membership in segments changes over time.

  • Test metrics, showing how your A/B tests have performed and which entry in the test won.

  • Link metrics, which help you understand which of your links your audience clicks most often.

8. Can I see Newsletter Metrics?

After you send a newsletter, you can see the metrics on the Overview tab. While campaigns and broadcasts can report journey metrics, newsletters are a single broadcast send, and only produce message delivery metrics.

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