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LB 2.0 Operate: Integrations - DoorDash Settings - Self-Serve Integration Onboarding
LB 2.0 Operate: Integrations - DoorDash Settings - Self-Serve Integration Onboarding
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The following will detail the steps to onboard locations using the DoorDash Self-Serve Integration Onboarding functionality.

The DoorDash Self-Serve Integration Onboarding (SSIO) feature allows the Lunchbox onboarding team to configure the DoorDash marketplace through the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard without requiring developer involvement. This initial version of this feature is the precursor to a version allowing client administrators to configure the DoorDash marketplace without needing the assistance of the Lunchbox onboarding team.

Onboarding Process Outline

  1. Initiate the onboarding process from the Integrations section of the Lunchbox Admin.

  2. Use the client's merchant account to log into DoorDash via oAuth.

  3. Select a DoorDash store to integrate, along with the corresponding Lunchbox restaurant location and menu to be used with DoorDash.

  4. The selected DoorDash store receives an integrated menu from Lunchbox.

  5. Once the menu has been received and no errors found, it can be reviewed on DoorDash.

Onboarding Steps

The following steps will guide you through the process of onboarding a single location. These steps should be repeated for each of the locations to be onboarded in DoorDash.

Sign Into DoorDash

You will need to obtain DoorDash sign-in credentials from the client. These will be used to access the client's DoorDash marketplace.

  1. Select Integrations from the main navigation.

  2. Select Global Integration Settings.

  3. Select Order Providers and then DoorDash.

  4. Under Stores and Menus, you will initially see the sign-in button to the DoorDash Account. Click this button to access the DoorDash single sign-on page.

  5. Enter the client's DoorDash account credentials and click Sign In.

Map DoorDash Stores to Lunchbox Locations and Menus

Once signed into DoorDash, you will be returned to Lunchbox to begin configuring your Locations and Menus. You will see the list of stores that have been imported from DoorDash.

  1. The next step is to map the Lunchbox locations and menus to the DoorDash locations and initiate onboarding.

  2. Select the location from the dropdown.

  3. Select the menu you want to be associated with this location in DoorDash.

  4. Click Save and Onboard to initiate the onboarding process.

  5. The onboarding status will be displayed under the location details.

  6. DoorDash will initiate an import of the menu from Lunchbox.

  7. A more detailed status message is accessible by hovering over or clicking on the info tooltip.

  8. Once the menu has been accepted by DoorDash, it will show a MENU QUALIFIED status.

Preview Menu

  1. The uploaded menu can be viewed by clicking, Preview Menu.

  2. The uploaded store is revealed.

  3. The store can now be activated. Clicking the Activate button will make it available to customers on the DoorDash site.

Menu Onboarding Issues

  1. If there are any issues with the import, DoorDash will indicate this with a status of MENU BLOCK. Details of the error condition will be available by hovering over the question mark icon with your mouse pointer. Use this information to check your configuration here:

  2. Once the menu issues are resolved, click Retry Onboarding, and the onboarding process will be reinitiated.

Restart Onboarding

  1. If the wrong location and menu were selected, click Restart Onboarding. This will allow the correct location and menu to be selected.

  2. Confirm the Restart Operation.

  3. Select a new location and menu, and click Save and Onboard to onboard the correct details.

Review Onboarded Stores

  1. Once the menus have been successfully imported by DoorDash, the location will appear under the Onboarded Stores.

  2. The list of the onboarded stores will be displayed along with an option to view the status of the onboarding.

  3. Clicking on the Status button will provide the current status plus an option to open the location on the DoorDash Marketplace.

  4. Clicking Open reveals the onboarded store.

Additional Testing Functionality

On the test server environments, when connected to the DoorDash sandbox, an additional option is made available to allow onboarded stores to be reset to their pre-onboarded state. This is useful for testing and retesting the onboarding process.

  1. Each of the onboarded locations will be listed with the option to Reset Onboarding.

  2. Clicking Reset Onboarding presents a warning, confirming the reset process.

  3. Once reset, the store is almost ready to be onboarded again. Note, that the combination of DoorDash store and Lunchbox Location Number can only be used once. For a subsequent successful test, the Location Code must be made unique, e.g., Location number 0005 could be made 00005.

Multi-Location Onboarding

If you are trying to onboard 20 or more locations, please reach out to your Client Success Manager, as they will be able to provide a more streamlined multi-location batch onboarding experience.

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