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LB 2.0 Operate: Business Hours - Menu Hours
LB 2.0 Operate: Business Hours - Menu Hours
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Menu Hours

Make updates to your location's menu-specific hours on a global and/or local level.

1. Select the Location to edit

2. De-select the Location to edit all locations

Note: When there is an option to de-select a location and make changes, you will be making changes on a global level, thus affecting all Live locations.

3. Select the dropdown or type in the name of the menu you would like to apply menu hour changes.

Note: When you update Menu Hours, you must select a menu that you would like these hours to apply to. This allows for increased flexibility when offering different menus at different parts of the day.

4. Select the Menu you would like to update hours for

Note: With no location selected, this will update "Default Hours" for every location.

5. Edit Default Hours

From here, you can make changes to all locations for the menu selected by clicking "Edit Default Hours" and editing each day's Open and Close time.

Note: You can also close on specific days or make locations open 24 hours

6. Save Default Hours

Once you've made updates to the default hours, click "Save"

7. Select the Location to edit 1 location

If the Menu Hours differ from location to location, select the location to update "Custom Hours"

Note: Local settings will always override Global settings.

8. Edit Custom Hours

To make changes to the Menu Hours for 1 location and the menu selected, click "Edit Custom Hours".

9. Save Custom Hours

Make location-specific changes to each day's open time, close time, closed status and 24-hour status. Then click "Save".

10. Menu Hours Changes

Once you've made changes and saved your Default and/or Custom Hours, you will be able to view both when a location is selected.

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