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LB 2.0 Operate: Business Hours - Time Slot Editor
LB 2.0 Operate: Business Hours - Time Slot Editor
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Time Slot Editor

The Time Slot Editor allows you to create schedules to use for things like specials and LTOs. Can be applied to Menu Categories, Menu Items, Order Throttling Rules & Coupons.

1. Select Time Slot Editor

You can create Time Slot Schedules on a Global or Local (location-specific) basis.

2. View Time Slots

After you select "Time Slot Editor", the Time Slot "Schedules" will be displayed.

3. Edit Time Slot Schedule

To edit a created Time Slot schedule, click on the 3 dots

4. Click on Override Create

Click on Override Create to edit and update a timeslot schedule.

5. Update Time Slot Schedule

Select the days, start and end dates, and/or start and end times that you would like to update.

6. Save Updated Time Slot Schedule

Once the desired changes have been made, click "Save"

7. Add New Time Slot Schedule

To add a new time slot schedule, click "+ Add Schedule"

8. Select Time Slot

If a time slot exists, select from the dropdown

9. Add New Time Slot

If no time slot exists, click "+" to create a new one

10. Name the Time Slot

11. Save Slot Name

Once you've provided a name and external ID (optional) click the checkmark to "Save"

12. Select Days, Dates and/or Times

Once you've created a Slot Name, apply any the following to the Time Slot Schedule:

  1. Days of the week

  2. Start and End Date

  3. Start and End Time

Note: At least 1 of these items must be selected, but you can select all 3 to be as specific with your schedule as you'd like.

13. Save Time Slot Schedule

Once updates have been made, click "Save" to create the new Time Slot Schedule.

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