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Toast Configuration (LB 2.0)
Toast Configuration (LB 2.0)

This documentation will cover setting up your Toast POS to work seamlessly with the Lunchbox 2.0 Dashboard. Please follow each step carefully for setting up your integration, location & menu to ensure a smooth launch with your Lunchbox product.

28 articles
1. Set Up POS Access (Toast)
1a - Adding the Lunchbox Integration (Loyalty & Tender) (Toast)
1a - Request API Access (Toast) DEPRECATING
1b - Create Lunchbox Job Code (Toast)
1c - Create Lunchbox Employee for New Accounts (Toast)
1d - Assigning a Front End Login (Toast)
1e - Grant Access to Multiple Locations (Toast)
1f - Grant POS Permissions To Multiple Restaurant Groups (Toast)
1g - Assign Job Code to Multiple Locations (Toast)
1h - Publish Configuration (Toast)
2. Onboarding A Restaurant To Toast (Toast)
2a - Confirm Location Info (Toast)
2b - Set Location Native Ordering Delivery Area (Toast)
2c - Create Lunchbox Native, Catering & Aggregation Dining Options (Toast)
2d - Confirm Tax Rates Native, Catering & Aggregation (Toast)
2e - Create Lunchbox Native, Catering & Aggregation Payment Options (Toast)
2f - Creating a Loyalty Discount & Non Loyalty Discounts (Toast)
2g - Creating Service Charges (DELIVERY ONLY) (Toast)
2h - Create An Uplift Open $ Tax Included Menu, Menu Category & Menu Item in Toast
2i - Create Cart Upsells/Packing Instructions for Order Level Pick Lists (Toast)
2j - Review Menu Configuration (Toast)Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. The following article explains how to setup your Toast Menu for Lunchbox 2.0
2k - How to 86 Items & Modifiers (Toast)
2l - Setup Up Your Order Auto Fire Device
2m - Prep Times & Order Throttling Times & Order Firing/Printing Behavior
2n - Voiding Test Orders (Toast)
2o - Tip Reporting & Reconciliation
2p - Pulling Sales Reports (Using the Same Pickup & Delivery GUIDs for In Store & Lunchbox)
4g - Create Discounts & Coupons (Toast)