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1b - Create Lunchbox Job Code (Toast)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Let’s begin by creating a job code called Lunchbox Team Member for the new Lunchbox employee.

NOTE: Lunchbox requests POS permissions to ease the process of supporting our restaurant partners. Having visibility into the settings of the POS allow our support team to solve problems faster and our configurations analysts visibility into important targeting and configurations information during setup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lunchbox will never make changes to settings in your POS unless granted approval by the restaurant partner.

Step 1: From the Toast Admin Dashboard go to Home > Jobs > Add Job

  • Job Title: Lunchbox Team Member

  • Job Code: leave blank

  • Pay Basis: Hourly or Salary either work

  • Default Pay: leave blank

  • Reporting: Do not include hours and pay under this job in restaurant labor summary reporting Toast Payroll Only

  • Tipped?: No tips need to be entered at closing

  • Cashier: Yes

  • Driver: No

Toast Payroll Setting

Note: This Job Code must be targeted to the restaurant parent group so that it appears in all locations. Unless they are non MLM. Non MLM restaurants must add this job to all locations.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and check off the desired permissions that the restaurant partner has specified. If nothing has been specified, grant access to everything.

The following options in bold must be granted without exception.


1. POS Access

3.25 Open Items

1.1 Table Service Mode

3.26 Log Book

1.2 Quick Order Mode

3.27 Send Notifications

1.3 Kitchen Display Screen Mode

3.28 Tax Exempt

1.4 Payment Terminal Mode

3.29 Throttle Online Orders

1.5 Pending Orders Mode

4. Restaurant Admin

1.6 Apply Cash Payments

4.1 Sales Reports

1.7 Cash Drawer Access

4.2 Menu Reports (+ Inventory/Menusphere Reporting)

1.8 View Other Employees' Orders

4.3 Labor Reports

1.9 Edit Other Employees' Orders

4.4 Gift / Rewards Card Reports

1.10 Add / Update Service Charges

4.5 Edit Full Menu

1.11 My Reports (+ Inventory / Menusphere)

4.6 Tables

1.12 Shift Review Sales Data

4.7 Marketing Info

1.13 No Sale

4.8 Employee Info

1.14 Key in Credit Cards

4.9 Employee Jobs & Wages

1.15 Offline/Background Credit Card Processing

4.10 House Accounts

1.16 Change Table

4.11 Edit Historical Data

1.17 Change Server

4.12 Customer Credits & Reports

2. Delivery Access

4.13 Local Menu Edit

2.1 Delivery Mode

5. Quick Edit Access

2.2 Update All Delivery Orders

5.1 Full Quick Edit

2.3 Dispatch Driver

5.2 Button Color

2.4 Cancel Dispatch

5.3 Name

2.5 Complete Delivery

5.4 POS Name

2.6 Update Driver

5.5 Price

3. Manager

5.6 Inventory & Quantity

3.1 Discounts

5.7 SKU

3.2 Transfer / Rewards Adjustment

5.8 Add Existing Items/Mods

3.3 Gift Card Adjustment

5.9 Add New Items/Mods

3.4 Bulk Transfer Checks

5.10 Rearrange Items/Mods

3.5 Bulk Void Open Checks

5.11 Remove Items/Mods

3.6 Bulk Close Paid Checks

6. Web Setup

3.7 Void Items / Orders

6.1 Discounts Setup

3.8 Void / Refund Payments

6.2 Kitchen / Dining Room Setup

3.9 Unlinked Refunds

6.3 Payments Setup

3.10 Edit Sent Items

6.4 Publishing

3.11 Other Payment Types

6.5 Restaurant Groups Setup

3.12 Shift Review

6.6 Restaurant Operations Setup

3.13 Negative Declared Tips

6.7 Tax Rates Setup

3.14 Edit Time Entries

7. Device Setup

3.15 End Breaks Early

7.1 Terminal Setup

3.16 Close Out Day

7.2 Advanced Terminal Setup

3.17 Cash Drawers (Blind)

7.3 KDS and Order Screen Setup

3.18 Cash Drawers (Full)

8. Account Admin

3.19 Cash Drawer Lockdown (Override)

8.1 Financial Accounts

3.20 Large Cash Over/Under

8.2 User Permissions

3.21 Adjust Cash Drawer Start Balance

8.3 Data Export Config

3.22 Pay Out

8.4 Manage Integrations

3.23 Find Checks

8.5 Toast Shop Access

3.24 Register Swipe Cards

Step 3: Click the Save button.

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