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1f - Grant POS Permissions To Multiple Restaurant Groups (Toast)
1f - Grant POS Permissions To Multiple Restaurant Groups (Toast)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Advanced Setup for Restaurant Groups:

Employees in MLM restaurant groups may also be assigned permissions at the group level. This setting is required to allow access to make edits to menus, taxes, discounts and other items.

Users who have the 'User Permissions' permission granted to them at the group level can manage these group-level permissions for other users.

Please contact Toast Customer Care if you are just starting to use Toast at your restaurant group and you need to assign someone this role.

Note: When building new menus for future menu launches post onboarding it is important to make sure to include granting access to these new restaurant groups to the [email protected] email address.

Updating Group Level Permissions:

Step 1: From the detail page of the employee, click on the Jobs and Permissions tab.

Step 2: Select Add Group / Restaurant Permissions from the Permissions dropdown.

Step 3: Select a restaurant or group for which you want to update the permissions and select Add.

Step 4: The dialog will close and the permissions editor section should now have the newly selected locations or groups as blue links. Select the group or restaurant name to expand a permissions menu.

Warning: If you have restaurant groups nested inside of restaurant groups it is important to make sure that permission is granted for both the Parent and Child Layer. If you are having issues granting permissions to all groups, please contact Toast Customer Care (617) 682-0225 only the administrator on the account can update group permissions through support.

Step 5: Grant access to all permissions by selecting Override and clicking Allow.

All permissions should have a blue checkmark next to them.


Note: This restaurant group level access can be completely revoked by clicking the trash can icon on the collapsed group permissions table.

Warning: Currently, group-level permissions only allow back-end access. The Lunchbox user needs the ability to log in to a Toast device and will need to be explicitly added as an employee at the location they are trying to access. Once they are added, they will receive the permissions inherited from the group, but the manual step of adding them as an employee still needs to be taken.

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