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2n - Voiding Test Orders (Toast)
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When placing test orders to the POS it is very important that the orders that are sent are voided to avoid inflating sales and having discrepant reporting.

Same Day Item and Order Voiding in Toast

To learn how to void orders, Payments and Checks click this link.

Publishing Changes Before a Test Order

When conducting a test order, it is crucial to ensure that your point of sale (POS) system is fully updated. This means that any changes you've made in the POS, such as item availability updates or menu changes, should be saved and published. This action will synchronize your POS system with Lunchbox, ensuring that the test order reflects the current state of your menu and inventory.

Publish Changes

Placing Test Orders

  1. Add an Order Note Saying TEST ORDER DO NOT MAKE

  1. Change the Guest Name to TEST ORDER DO NOT MAKE

  1. Notify the restaurant that test orders are coming in by calling into the location or being granted approval by an admin from the Restaurant on an Agreed upon date and time for test order placement. Restaurant specific Phone Numbers can be found on the location tab of admin.

  1. Cancel the Order in Lunchbox, Void the order in the POS and cancel the order on the 3P Marketplace (Order Agg Only)

  1. Cancel any assigned Delivery Drivers by clicking Cancel Delivery on the Order (Doordash Drive)/Cancelling the Order (Delivery Dispatch Dashboard)

Doordash Drive Cancel Delivery Button

Nash/Delivery Dispatch Cancel Delivery >Choose the Brand>Find the Order>Click the Three dots on the Order>Click Cancel

  1. Provide the restaurant with a list of the test orders and the link to the order on Lunchbox that were placed for reference. Orders Tab>Click the Order Number>Copy and Paste URL

  1. If we don’t have access to the Toast front End Step 6 is very important and the restaurant partner will need to be notified to cancel the orders themselves in the POS.

Test Order Troubleshooting

The following are a list of scenarios that would prohibit an order from going to the POS.

Lost connection: This would occur in either a power outage or a lost internet connection. In this case, an order would be shown in an orange "Admin Hold" status on the orders page. The system automatically tries to re-establish connection in minute intervals until the connection is found and the order can be pushed.

GUIDs Mismatching - Menu (and all GUIDs within), Discount, Tax Rate, Service Type, Payment Type, Service Charges (GUID discrepancy, Day of the Week Descrepancy, Item Descrepancy)

Payment Mismatch: If a payment does not align between the POS and LB, this order will not successfully push to the POS. This would be another instance where the order would enter into an "Admin Hold" status.

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