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4g - Create Discounts & Coupons (Toast)
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Discounts will import automatically from Toast POS when a location is set up. We will provide more information soon on the limitations of this setting.

When a coupon is synced over from Toast to the Lunchbox Management Dashboard, you will need to Search & Edit the Coupon for your customer to use.

Searching for Coupons

Follow these steps to search for Existing Coupons:

Step 1: Navigate to the Coupons Tab

Step 2: Select any of the following Filters that might apply to the coupon you wish to find. Having these checked will only show coupons related to those options:

  • Description Search: description of the coupon (ex: BOGO fries)

  • Lookup CLU: enter the coupon CLU (case sensitive)

  • Location Restriction: if coupon was specific to a certain location

  • Sort Field: use these fields to sort the search results

Step 3: Click Search

Note: It is best to search using broad terms at first and narrow them down until you find the coupon you are looking for.

Editing Coupons

Follow these steps to search and Edit existing Coupons:

Step 1: Navigate to the Coupons Tab

Step 2: Search for the Coupon (utilizing the Filters)

Step 3: Click on the Coupon Name:

Step 4: Update the Coupon Information as needed

Step 5: Click Update

Note: When a new coupon syncs over from Toast, it will pull the following information, but will need to be edited for the use on the Lunchbox platform:

  • Name: the descriptive name of the coupon viewed by the customer

  • CLU: Coupon Look Up code for customers to use during checkout (promo code that you will want to update)

  • Description/Disclaimer: coupon description

  • POS Reference: for POS integrated systems ONLY, enter your POS coupon ID in this field (GUID)

  • Location Limitations

  • Coupon Type:

    • Deduct Percentage (e.g. 20% off)

    • Deduct Dollar Amount (e.g. $5 off)

    • Fixed Price (e.g. 3 items for $5)

      • Be sure to complete the Coupon Banks section for the Fixed Price type of coupon

    • Amount Value

Note: You will, however, need to edit/update the following for the Toast-synced discount:

  • Start Date: the coupon’s effective date (MUST be entered for the coupon to work)

  • Expiry Date: the coupon’s expiration date (if you would like to choose an end date)

  • Coupon Limits:

    • Min. Purchase $ (e.g. $5 discount with a purchase of $30 or more)

    • Max. Discount per Order $ (e.g. Limited to $20 off per order)

    • Max. Coupons per Order (e.g. Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons)

    • Use Limit per Location (e.g. How many times coupon can be used at each location)

    • Use Limit per Customer (e.g. One time coupon for each customer)

    • Use Limit per Coupon (e.g. How many times the coupon can be used)

  • Miscellaneous Details that will apply to this discount:

    • Auto Apply: discount automatically applied at checkout

    • Apply To Total: discount applies to the total after tax

    • Delivery Based: deducts amount off of the delivery fee

    • Rep CLU: to track coupons from Company Representatives

    • Require Paper: customer must hand in a paper copy of the coupon upon receiving their order

    • Single Use: limits a customer to using the coupon only once

    • Customers Only: discount available for online orders only and excludes any customer with management credentials

    • Internal Use: coupon can only be applied by internal users

    • Is Rewards Dollars: this must be checked off for Loyalty Rewards Discounts

    • Is Open Value: the amount of the coupon should be sent down as ‘open’

    • Include Children: coupon will be applied to child items

    • Send Value to POS: automatically sends the value of the coupon to the POS. Only check if it is for a POS client

    • Service Types: Which service type do you want this discount to apply to

    • Modes: These should be assigned to menus to hel

Important Settings to Use for Loyalty Rewards Dollars Discounts

This type of discount in particular is important and should include the following settings to ensure that it sends properly.

For Common Toast use cases click the links below!

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