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2c - Create Lunchbox Native, Catering & Aggregation Dining Options (Toast)
2c - Create Lunchbox Native, Catering & Aggregation Dining Options (Toast)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Let’s set up in Toast which dining options will be available to guests through your online ordering site and apps with Lunchbox.

Recommended Dining Option Naming Conventions

NOTE: These Dining Option Names sync into Lunchbox with the exact names you label in Toast, so they will appear as each location’s “Service Type” and will display in the Ordering UI, however, you can always change the Global Service Type Display Name by navigating to:

Menus > Admin Links > Service Types > Select Service Type > Change Display Name > Save

Recommended Names

Native Ordering:

  • Takeout or Online Takeout (changing the display name to Takeout)

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

  • Delivery or Online Delivery (changing the display name to Delivery)

    • Set with Delivery as the behavior


  • Catering Takeout or Online Catering Takeout (changing the display name to Catering Takeout)

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

  • Catering Delivery or Online Catering Delivery (changing the display name to Catering Delivery)

    • Set with Delivery as the behavior




  • Grubhub

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

  • Doordash

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

  • Ubereats

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

  • EzCater

    • Set with Takeout as the behavior

NOTE: Some clients choose to use a single Dining Option for Aggregation called Order Aggregation. If you take this option viewing certain sales and menu reports cannot be divided by provider in Toast.

NOTE: When creating new Service Types it is important to make sure that the restaurant KDS or Expeditor Screens have these new dining options enabled for viewing. Using the KDS click the top three dots at the right hand corner. Got device setup then proceed to Ticket Display Options and Checkoff your new Dining Options!

Creating Your Dining Options Step by Step

Step 1: From the Toast Admin Dashboard homepage click on Kitchen / Dining Room > Dining Options to create new dining options for Lunchbox. (ie. Lunchbox Takeout, Lunchbox Delivery, etc)

Step 2: Click the + Add button, and enter Lunchbox Delivery in the field that appears as shown below. Follow the same steps to create another dining option called Lunchbox Takeout.

Step 3: Make sure that the selected Behavior matches the dining options that you created by adjusting the dropdown to the right of the option’s Name.

Note: Please be aware Dining Option behaviors affect the auto-application of service charges. If the location is trying to auto-configure service charges like delivery charges this cannot be done if there is more than one service charge assigned to a behavior. (ie. $3 Delivery for Lunchbox Delivery and $4 Delivery for Catering Delivery)

Step 4: Make sure that the dining options that were created are owned and targeted to the parent group that has been specified by the restaurant partner

  • If the restaurant partner has Toast Master Location Management (MLM) turned on make sure that you target the entire restaurant group so you only have to create one set of dining options.

  • If the restaurant partner does not have Toast Master Location Management (MLM) turned on due to varying menus by location, then you will need to create dining options for each individual Toast location.

Step 5: Click Save and then Publish Now (Dining Options Targeted to a single location)

Note: If using MLM be sure to Publish Configuration to all affected locations.

Ensuring Your New Dining Options Show on the Kitchen Display Screen

When you create new dining options the Kitchen Display Screen will not show the change by default. Follow the steps below to view your new dining option:

Step 1: From the KDS click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then click Device Setup on each Kitchen Display Screen device.

Image 7-30-21 at 3.49 PM.jpg

Step 2: Scroll down to the Kitchen Setup section and select Ticket Display Options.

Step 3: From here, select the Dining Options that you would like to display on the Kitchen Display Screen. It's important to note that if no dining options are selected then all of the options will be displayed on the device.

Once you've selected your desired dining options, press continue. Your new dining option will now appear on your Kitchen Display Screen!

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