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Dispatch FAQ

This doc is iterative and lists the most common Dispatch FAQs we get from restaurants that are using Lunchbox

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1. What's the difference between Dispatch and Delivery?

Dispatch refers to Lunchbox's integration with Nash. Delivery refers to Lunchbox's integration with Relay, and Uber Direct.

2. How does Dispatch work?

Lunchbox integrates with Nash, a platform that connects a network of delivery service providers (DSPs - such as Relay, and Uber Direct) all in one place. This integration extends to the POS system, sending all delivery orders directly to restaurants. This allows restaurants to offer a consistent delivery experience through Lunchbox's website and app. Customers can order using their existing online ordering system, and orders are prepared and hand-off to the DSP, who fulfills the delivery.

3. What are the benefits of Dispatch?

Dispatch is a reliable solution that simplifies last-mile delivery technology, logistics, and operations.

How Delivery Dispatch helps restaurants:

  • Flexibility when deciding which delivery providers to work with

  • Branded delivery directly through the restaurant's website and app

  • Own the relationship with the customers

  • Delivery orders through Dispatch don’t come with hefty commissions restaurants would otherwise pay for orders originating on third-party marketplaces

  • Restaurants have the ability to control fees incurred by the customer based on market conditions or store-specific needs.

  • Seamlessly scale delivery capabilities streamline delivery operations

4. How do I set up Dispatch if I don’t have it?

Restaurants need to sign a dispatch agreement with Lunchbox. Once a contract has been finalized, Lunchbox will guide, set it up, and provide a full delivery dispatch overview.

5. Who will handle the contract and relationship if I use Delivery Dispatch?

Lunchbox will do the work and leverage preferred rates, so restaurants have one less vendor to manage. To align, reach out to your Lunchbox Customer Success Manager.

6. What if I want to leverage your preferred rates but am under contract with a delivery provider?

This may not be an issue. Review your agreement and see if there is a minimum order. If no order minimum exists, you can most likely leverage our partnership. Please check with your legal counsel to ensure there are no other contractual obligations.

7. Can I keep my current dispatch rate?

This depends on your existing rates. For more information, reach out to [email protected]

8. What are the Dispatch rates?

Rates vary according to location and provider. Please see your Lunchbox agreement for more specific information.

9. Can I collect payment in Cash when using Dispatch?

No. Only credit card payment is allowed.

10. What is a Dispatch Strategy?

Dispatch Strategies are how deliveries are assigned to providers based on the restaurant's preferences. They allow restaurants to decide how their deliveries get assigned, to whom, and when/if they get auto-reassigned. Nash uses dispatch strategies to ensure orders are delivered in the most timely and cost-effective way and, ideally, to automate as many aspects of the delivery workflow as possible. Dispatch strategies are customizable, and it may be fitting for some businesses to use multiple strategies according to the desired outcome.

11. How do I access the Dispatch dashboard?

Restaurants can easily access the dashboard from their own tablet or computer. They can also access the Delivery Driver Management system, where they have the ability to manage drivers, orders, delivery maps, and driver reports.

12. Can you view Dispatch delivery orders separately from pickup orders in the Dashboard?

Yes, on the Dashboard homepage, there is an option to filter and only see Dispatch orders that have been placed. If you want to view a history of your Dispatch orders, go to the Reports section of the Dashboard and follow the steps to run a report.

13. What do I do if I have a preferred partner and there is an outage?

Dispatch allows you to access multiple delivery providers. If one delivery provider fails to accept the order, the order will automatically re-dispatch to the next preferred provider in your settings. Order of provider preferences can be set based on specific strategies such as lowest cost, highest reliability, or manual rankings.

14. What do I do if I need a refund on an order that wasn’t sent out?

Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch can enter our dashboard, find the order, and request a refund. We will handle the back-and-forth and return to you with the results. You can view the progress of your refund requests on your Delivery Dispatch dashboard.

15. Are there options to provide feedback, report incidents, or ban drivers?

Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch can enter our dashboard, find the order, and report an incident or a driver. Once you submit your feedback, we will handle the comms with the Driver Team and help deliver results. You can also manually assign a driver if needed.

16. Can customers reach out to the delivery driver handling their order via Dispatch?

With Lunchbox Dispatch, a guest can call the driver if needed.

17. Using Dispatch, is it possible to assign large orders only to delivery drivers utilizing a car?

We do not currently support this feature.

18. Can clients track their internal drivers from our new Dispatch product?

Clients cannot track their own internal drivers using our Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch product. Only last-mile delivery partners/tools that are integrated with us can be tracked. The client can configure notification triggers to receive automated messages, externally to customers or internally to teams, for important actions or steps during the delivery order process.

19. Can one location be on LB Dispatch and the rest on another last-mile delivery partner?

Yes, but we strongly encourage all our partners to go full Dispatch if they will roll out and add all locations afterward.

20. If a franchisee wanted Lunchbox dispatch but corporate didn't want it, can we build it for particular stores, or do we need corporate to give us access?

There isn't a technical limitation to this; however, since we don't usually do franchisee contracts, we would define the rates at the company-wide level. Please consult Finance for further details.

21. What's the process when a delivery order is not picked up and must be canceled? How do they replace the order and still get paid for the delivery fee and tip (from the original order)?

The restaurant will always get paid for the delivery and tip (unless the order is fully refunded). If they are using Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch, they can set reassignment rules or request a new driver. They can refund the original order if the guest wants to place a new order again.

22. Are payments automatically pulled weekly, or must the restaurant pay these invoices manually?

The agreement confirms when to authorize a new payment method, manage invoices, and agree to weekly automatic deductions.

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