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Business Hours
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Business Hours Overview

The Business Hours Tab is where you can view and edit a store’s business hours.

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Business Hours allows you to set up Global Hours for all of the locations at your brand, but you can also set up individual location hours for the menus that you have available at each location.

Restaurant Experience

To update the business hours of a location:

Step 1: From the Business Hours Tab, search for and select the store that you wish to update hours for.

Step 2: If there are multiple menus assigned to your location, select the menu that you wish to update hours for from the dropdown:

Note: These Business Hours will apply to both the location and the menu availability.

Step 3: Your current menu hours will be listed underneath the menu selector. You can either use Default Hours or Custom Hours (most common practice)

Step 4: Navigate to Update Custom Hours to make changes to the menu hours for each day of the week. Update the open and close times from the appropriate drop downs.

Step 5: If the menu will be unavailable on certain days, check the closed checkbox next to the appropriate day.

Step 6: If the menu will have the same hours for each day, simply enter the hours in the first row and click the blue down arrow to copy the hours to the below days.

Step 7: Click Update to save your changes:

Note: If the store is using Third Party Delivery and the hours need to be pushed to the DSP sites, please remember to Publish Menu under the Menus Tab for the location to push the updated hours immediately.

Best Practices

To make sure that your hours are being presented to the guest properly, edit the menu’s Modes, Service Types and Sources from the Menus section first, then update hours in Business Hours at the Global or Local Hours level.


Using the Menu Editor along with Business Hours, you can make your offerings as granular or specific as you want or need. You can make service types available when it works best for your business. This helps with pick-up vs delivery availability, catering vs catering delivery, daily specials (Dining Hours) and so much more to provide customers with a clear representation of when your offerings are available to be ordered.


You can not select the Mode, Service Type and Source from the Business Hours page. To do this, navigate to the Menu Editor


  • How do I set specific hours for Pick up vs Delivery?
    Check this off in the Menu Editor and then select the menu you would like to appear for that service for the times you select at either the Global or Local level.


Business Hours: The brand or location-specific hours available to guests to place orders ASAP or Scheduled.

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