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(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Dining Options (Toast)
(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Dining Options (Toast)
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Native Ordering - Dining Options

Dining Options are the way that Toast understands how the order functions in the POS. In Toast, they are assigned behaviors that bring up dining option prompts. Failing to assign these can lead to order errors and incorrect financial reporting.

Native Ordering - Dining Options - Toast

Step 1: From the Toast Admin Dashboard, navigate to Kitchen / Dining Room > Dining Options to create "new" Lunchbox Dining Options for Takeout & Delivery:


Step 2: Create by clicking the + Add button and add the following dining options Lunchbox Delivery and Lunchbox Takeout:


Step 3: Ensure that the behavior matches the dining options that you are creating by adjusting the behavior drop down to the right of the Name.


NOTE: Please be aware these behaviors affect the auto application of service charges. If the location is trying to auto-configure service charges like delivery charges this cannot be done if there is more than one service charge assigned to a behavior (i.e., $3 Delivery for Lunchbox Delivery and $4 Delivery for Catering Delivery).

Name - Behavior

  • Lunchbox Take Out - Take Out

  • Lunchbox Delivery - Delivery

Step 4: Ensure the dining options that were created are owned and targeted to the parent group that has been specified by the restaurant partner: (If your restaurant group has Master Menu Management (MMM) turned on so then you can target the entire restaurant group and only create one set of dining options. If you don’t have Master Menu Management (MMM) turned on due to varying menus by location, then you need to create these dining options for each individual Toast location.) Save then Publish.

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