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1. How does using Lunchbox App benefit restaurants?

  • Own your business. No more 30% fees charged by UberEats and DoorDash

  • Apps are easier to order from - faster order time

  • Once a client downloads an app, it becomes part of their habits

  • App users order more items more often compared to their equivalent web users

  • This fully branded product includes a fully customizable mobile app design

2. What POS limitations exist with this integration?

The app is POS agnostic. If we support the POS, the app will be directly injected into it.

3. Can I Customize My Web Ordering to Match My Brand?

Absolutely. Lunchbox creates a beautiful, branded ordering experience that extends your restaurants' in-store experience to their physical locations. Restaurants can customize colors, fonts, icons, images, and more.

4. How Do I Turn Location Services On/Off?

Turn on your location services on your Android or IOS device to find the restaurant closest to you and get the best app experience.

5. How Do I Turn On/Off Push Notifications?

Turn on your push notifications on your Android or IOS device to allow the restaurant app to send notifications about offers and orders

6. Can I enable Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment methods?

Absolutely. Reach out to your Lunchbox Customer Representative to configure this feature.

7. How do I browse restaurant locations near me?

Make sure location settings is turned on your device so it will automatically show what's near you. If location sharing is not on and your address is not loaded, you must write your address on the location picker screen. If not, the restaurant's location will only show in alphabetical order.

8. How would the Restaurant Partner go about launching their App?

Reach out to your Lunchbox Customer Representative to configure this feature.

9. I Am a guest. How do I delete my account?

It's simple. Log into the restaurant's app or on the web to delete the account.

10. How do I use my loyalty points on the app?

Lunchbox Loyalty allows you to use and manage your loyalty programs powered by Lunchbox in the Admin Dashboard and on the restaurant's App.

11. How do I cancel an order?

It's simple to cancel and order by logging into your Adm Dashboard

12. I created 2 accounts. Can I combine them?

No. You will have to delete one account. If you are a restaurant trying to delete a user, you can do so on the Adm Dashboard. If you are trying to help a customer delete their account, ask them to log into the restaurant's app or web account and delete it under their profile.

13. How do I update my profile?

It's simple. You can do it on the web or app by logging into your account and accessing your profile.

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