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2c - Create Lunchbox Dining Options (Revel)
2c - Create Lunchbox Dining Options (Revel)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Let’s set up in Revel which dining options will be available to guests through your online ordering site and apps with Lunchbox.

Creating Custom Dining Options

Step 1: On the Revel Dashboard (with one location targeted), Select Settings.

Step 2: Next in the search bar look up Custom Order Options then click Clear Selections

Note: The available selections will auto-populate in the window below.

Step 3: Next check off the box next to Custom Order Options.

Step 4: Next click +Add an Order Option to add the custom options.

Step 5: Set up the following…

  • Name: Add in a name for your Custom Order Option (Example: LB Takeout, LB Delivery, Grubhub, Ubereats etc.) (15 character limit)

  • Active: Checked

  • Prompt for Seat/Guest Count: Unchecked

  • Use is Cold Taxation Rules: Unchecked

  • KDS Color: Optional

  • Print Customer Address on Receipts:

    • Checked for Self Delivery Native Orders

    • Checked for Last Mile Delivery Partners (ie Doordash Drive etc.)

    • Unchecked for Takeout Native Orders

    • Unchecked for Aggregation (ie Grubhub, Uber etc.)

Step 6: Click Save.

Using Revel Standard Dining Options

Step 1: On the Revel Dashboard (with one location targeted), Select Establishment, then Stations:

Step 2: Using the numeric list of Order Options on Revel, we will integrate To Go and Delivery on the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard:

Note: The number of To Go and Delivery changes for each location as well as the name.

0 ­ To go,

1 ­ Eat in,

2 ­ Delivery,

3 ­ Catering,

4 ­ Drive through,

5 ­ Online Ordering,

6 ­ Other,

7 ­ Shipping

Step 3: The first section on this tab shows all order options, by default, they are all selected as Displayed. To change these, hold your mouse on the order option you don't want, and drag it to the Available section on the right:

Step 4: If you want to apply these order options to all POS stations, click the Apply to Stations:

Step 5: If you only want the station you changed to save these order options, click the Save button:

Note: Don't forget to have the restaurant refresh their POS station(s) to update the order options that are available.

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