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Scan to Pay & Rewards (LB 2.0)
Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)
Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)
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Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Guest Experience (LB 2.0)

When a guest comes into the restaurant and has their app downloaded, Scan to Pay & Rewards provides them with an easy way to pay for in-store orders, earn and redeem loyalty simply by presenting a QR code in their app.

Note: There will be 2 QR codes (1 for payment / 1 for loyalty) that display in the app for restaurants that are utilizing both features, however, when the “Scan to Pay QR code” is scanned, it will process both payment and loyalty redemption/accrual. If the “Scan for Loyalty QR code” is scanned, it will simply earn rewards.

Table of Contents

Scan for Loyalty

1 -Navigate to the menu in the POS and select the Rewards tab. There you will find and select Lookup Customer

2- A reward modal will popup, select the Scan button

3 - In the APP the guest can select the Scan for Loyalty QR code in the Scan section

4 - In the POS after selecting the Scan button, the camera will show up where you can scan the Scan for Loyalty QR code in the app

5 - After the scan takes place, the POS will show the guest's customer profile. If they have any rewards they would like to redeem they can do so at this time, or just select next to accrue points for the order.

6 - Once the guest is added to the order, you will be able to see their information on the header of the ordering screen.

Scan to Pay

1 - In the POS after the order had been submitted and needs to be paid. The Server must navigate to the Other payment type and select Lunchbox Payments

2- The POS will now bring up the camera to scan the QR Code

The Guest can now go in the app and pull up the Scan to Pay QR code in the Scan section.

3 - The guest can scan the QR code on the POS to tender their payment with the card on file

4 -You will now see the payment applied to the order in the POS

In-Store Redemption Guide

Feel free to download and print this In-Store Scan to Pay & Rewards Redemption Guide for your restaurant staff using Toast POS:

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