Accessing the Payment Dashboard (Lunchmoney powered by Finix)

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Check your Email for the Invite

This will say: "Lunchbox Technologies Inc Payments Account Created"

Click on Add Team Member

2. Click on "Click here to set a password"

You'll need to do this before logging in.

3. Create Password

Confirm Password

4. Confirm Password

Enter your Email

5. Click Orange Arrow to submit the changed password.

6. Click on "Click here to log in to your dashboard"

Create Password

Logging into the Payments Dashboard for the first time

1. Enter your Email

Click Orange Arrow to submit changed password.

2. Enter your New Password

Enter your New Password

3. Click on LOG IN

Provide a First Name

4. Provide a First Name

Provide a  Last Name

5. Provide a Last Name

Click on Add

6. Click on Add

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