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LB 2.0 Catering FAQ
LB 2.0 Catering FAQ
Updated over a week ago

1. Why is a certain address available for delivery in native ordering but not in catering?

Native order and catering order addresses will differ depending on the rules set up on the Adm Dashboard. Brands can create a deliver radius rule along with a map zone rule to match catering with native order addresses. Keep in mind that two map zones can NOT live at the same time.

2. How do I cancel catering orders?

It's simple. Orders can be canceled before they are sent to the POS or on the same day. To refund an order, wait until the following day after the batch has been processed and sent to the Payment Processor.

3. How do I edit the email recipients for catering orders?

This simple configuration step can be set up inside your Lunchbox Dashboard. If the brand desires to have all Catering emails flow into a requested email address, configuration must be done per each location, per catering service type.

4. Do loyalty points apply to catering orders?

Yes, but ONLY if the loyalty is enabled for the service type.

5. Is it possible to enable tips only on catering delivery and not on pick-up or any other service type?

Tips are configurable by service type. Each service type can have tips enabled/disabled and a different tip percentage suggestion. Standard tip options are 15, 20, and 25%. The tip percentage suggestion ensures that whatever the restaurant enters is auto-selected for the guest at checkout.

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