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This doc is iterative and lists the most common FAQs about Lunchbox Web

1. How Does Lunchbox Provide Web Ordering?

Lunchbox is an all-in-one ordering solution. Restaurants can manage orders, change menus, edit locations, and manage guests in real-time. Lunchbox integrates with all major POS systems and provides customers with a fully branded ordering experience. Through seamless sign-in, checkout, and great design, Lunchbox's ordering flow turns first-timers into loyal buyers. It is easy to configure and rapidly deploy, maximizing revenues and customer satisfaction.

2. When should I use New Admin Dashboard versus Old Admin Dashboard?

Our exciting transition to Admin 2.0 is still in progress. While there is a good amount of parity between both dashboards, Reports and the Menu Editor can only be found in the Old Admin. All other features should be accessed using the New Admin Dashboard. Please review our Dashboard Training Video to learn more about navigating both dashboards.

3. What if I forgot my password?

You can change your password by visiting your restaurant's website and following the steps.

4. It's my first time signing in. Will I receive an email?

Indeed. Check your inbox. If you need an account created for you, contact your organization's Admin Access Holder, who can follow these instructions for creating a new account. If you face any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

5. Can I Customize My Web Ordering to Match My Brand?

Absolutely. Lunchbox creates a beautiful, branded ordering experience that extends your restaurants' in-store experience to their physical locations. Restaurants can customize colors, fonts, icons, images, and more.

7. How do I adjust my store settings?

You must have a Chain Admin or Corporate Manager to edit an existing location.

8. Can I change my business hours?

Absolutely. The Business Hours Tab lets you view and edit a store’s business hours.

9. How are sales calculated in Lunchbox?

Sales are calculated as follows:

Order Count: The sum of the number of orders in each period depending on time, source, and location filters

Taxes: Sum of the tax value of all orders in the period

Tips: Sum of the tip value of all orders in the period

Delivery Fee: Sum of the delivery charge value of all orders in the period

Discount: Sum of the coupon value of all orders in the period

Sales Total: Sum of the subtotal + delivery charge of all orders in the period

10. How do I pull reports on my dashboard?

11. How do I check all orders?

The Orders tab inside Lunchbox Admin will initially show all Locations and Service Types, which you can then filter down to specific locations, service types, statuses, and dates.

12. How do I edit my menus?

The Master Menu is where you can manage modes, menu items, options, prices, and item descriptions. First, you must make the changes in your POS. Lunchbox will then sync the menu from the POS. You can learn more about it by reviewing the master menu overview section.

13. Can I request a new feature?

Absolutely. We've created a page so you can help us keep improving. Submit any new feature request on https://features.lunchbox.io/feature-requests

14. How can I determine the cause of an order not being registered by my POS system?

If your POS system has not received your order check the POS Error Log in your Dashboard. This report breaks down the successes or failures of orders sent to POS. If the report does not provide any insight into how to resolve the issue, contact us at [email protected].

15. How do I search for orders?

The Orders tab in the Dashboard initially shows all Locations and Service Types, which you can then filter down to specific locations, service types, statuses, and dates.

16. What POS limitations exist with this integration?

The app is POS agnostic. If we support the POS, the app will be directly injected into it.

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