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Guide to QR Codes
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How Can You Use a QR Code


QR Codes made a huge comeback when the pandemic started. This allows customers to view a menu right on their phone when they scan the code at your restaurant. This can also cut down on your costs by not having to print menus. Some restaurants keep only a few menus and then make most customers scan the QR code to view the full menu. The contact-free ordering menu is also popular if you have a loyalty program so the customer can make sure they get the points from their order by using their account.

How to Set Up QR Codes

Setting up a QR code is simple in your settings panel and just requires the URL you want to point to. You can have different QR codes for different menus, but usually, the best option is to only have one so that your customers don’t get confused. After you configure the QR code you can print it on a flyer or sign and put them on tables at your restaurant or even on the front door.

To see a step-by-step guide on how to create QR Codes in Lunchbox Essential, click here.

QR Code Example

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