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2k - Review Menu Configuration (Revel)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Table of Contents

Native Ordering - Menu Configuration - Revel:

Lunchbox Menus are pulled into the Admin Dashboard the same way whether it is the initial sync or a subsequent sync.

Note: Importing Multiple Menus is supported through the Revel and Lunchbox integration as long as the menu Mode/Station is set to online.


  • Name, Menu Subcategories & Location Availability


  • Name, Description & Location Availability, Products within the Subcategory


  • Name, Price, Description, Photo, Location Availability & Inventory/Item Qty. Modifier Classes and Modifiers within the group.

Modifier Classes:

  • Name, Min, Max & Location Availability, Menu Modifier Classes and Modifiers within the group.


Name, Price, Description, Photo & Location Availability, Menu Modifier Classes and Modifiers within those groups. Modifier Required Min Max & Inventory/Item Qty.

  1. Menu Photos come through on every import. Click here for Image Sizing Requirements.

  2. Menu Taxes are imported.

Revel Menu Terminology vs Lunchbox Menu Terminology:

Custom Menu Groups - Lunchbox doesn’t have an equivalent for this and all Categories have to be added to the same Custom Menu Group.

Menu = Menu

Subcategory = Category

Product = Item

Modifier Class = Pick List

Modifiers = Picklist Members / Items

Menu Building Rules:

The following is a list of menu-related rules that must be adhered to on the Revel Dashboard before doing the initial menu sync. There are a few Rules when configuring the menu in order to make sure it communicates properly with Lunchbox. Make sure to read through all of these carefully before proceeding to edit or build your menu.

RULE 1: Price It Right - Menu & Modifier Pricing Limitations

Supported Revel Item Pricing Structures - Price, Price Overrides, Group Combos Pricing & Price *Surcharges (Powered by Lunchbox),

Supported Revel Modifier Pricing Rules - Price, Free Price or Qty or Amount,

Size Pricing Alternative - We recommend using product subcategories by size for products with modifiers grouped by the corresponding size with prices set per ingredient.

(Example: 1/2 Sandwich Spreads have Modifiers applied 1/2 Sandwich Items and Full Sandwich Spreads Modifiers applied to a Full Sandwich.)

Note: If you want size based menu items to be listed as a single item notify your project manager and they will create a dev escalation.

RULE 2: Image Sizing Requirements

It is important that menu images be uploaded in the proper format. If images aren’t uploaded properly, it can cause resolution problems, scaling issues, and delayed image loading times. Please follow these guidelines carefully:

Menu Item Images

Size: 1280x517px; landscape (16:9) ratio
File: JPG recommended or PNG
160kb or smaller

Menu Modifier Images

Size: 100x100px; square (1:1) ratio
File: PNG
160kb or smaller

RULE 3: Target Your Menus, Items and Modifiers Properly

Make sure all Menus that need to be available for Online Ordering are set to…

Application Type - Mode

Mode/Station - Online

RULE 4: Cloning Menu Products & Copying Modifiers

Cloning Menu Products - Cloning does not make a copy of the modifier classes or modifiers within with product. It will apply the same exact modifier classes and modifiers.

Note: Cloned products within the same location must have different barcodes. Example Happy Hour Wine Item vs Non Happy Hour Wine Item

Copying Menu Modifiers to Other Products - This will copy modifier settings to other products. This is the quickest way to apply the same modifier classes to other products.

RULE 5: Menu Targeting for Enterprise

All Categories/Menus that need to live on Lunchbox should be added to one Custom Menu Grouping On Revel.

Note: These barcodes cannot be updated in Revel once an item has been imported. When building your menu between locations it is important to make sure that like product bar codes match across restaurants. Baked Potato at Location A must have the same bar code as Baked Potato at Location B.

RULE 6: Finish Your Menu in the POS and Be Thorough

Make sure your menu is finalized in Revel before pulling the initial sync following all of the aforementioned rules and you should be all set to go and ready to sync!

For a full detail on how to build out the Menu on Revel check out the Revel article below:

RULE 7: Sync It Before You Sink It!

Before pulling a menu sync, remember to save all changes properly on all establishments on Revel and the menu will automatically sync.

Native Ordering - Menu Configurations - Revel:

Step 1: Log into the Revel Dashboard using the provided credentials.

Step 2: Go to Advanced POS Settings and search for Barcode standard. Ensure it is set to UPC-A.

Each menu, menu group, product, modifier, modifier class needs a barcode. This setting should enable it to be auto created for all items being made in the future. If it does not - add a barcode number that is unique. Also for reference - this document will show you how to add barcodes to all previously made items: Revel Documentation

Step 3: Click Products in the top navigation and ensure you are on the products page on the left navigation as well. Shown below are how to + add a category/menu, subcategory/menu groups, and products/menu items. To help understand how to organize these sections it is important to understand the Revel Terminology.

Category = Menu Name example Lunchbox Menu

Revel - SubCategory

Lunchbox - Category

Product = Menu Items

Revel - Product

Lunchbox - Menu Items

Step 4: Fill in the items outlined under “Basic product Details” below. Custom menu groups will be addressed in the next category, but you should have a custom menu set in each item.

Native Ordering - Modifiers/Options - Revel:

Step 1: On the Revel Dashboard choose Products, then Modifiers on the left navigation. Below you can see how to add a modifier and modifier class/group.

Step 2: Go back to products - products on the left navigation, click the pencil icon on any item and then find the modifiers settings as shown below. Configure as needed

Native Ordering - Custom Menu Grouping Setup - Revel:

Step 1: On the Revel Dashboard choose Products, then Custom Menus (On the left-hand side after you select Products). From here, you can add a new custom menu as shown below:

Step 2: Set the APPLICATION TYPE to Mode and MODE/STATION to “Online”, then Save in the top right corner (floppy disk):

Step 3: Edit Lunchbox Online Menu by clicking the pencil button:

Step 4: Check the box of any Category you would like associated with Lunchbox, then select Save on the top right corner:

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