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(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Loyalty & Discounts (Toast)
(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Loyalty & Discounts (Toast)
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Native Ordering - Loyalty & Discounts: - Toast:

Discounts are added to Toast to allow for loyalty points and discount codes to be used in Lunchbox. It is very important that settings be set up exactly as they are listed below to avoid errors during checkout.

Note: When a restaurant partner is opting into Lunchbox Loyalty it is important to remember that the Toast Loyalty API has to be set to active and Lunchbox needs to be granted access to the Toast Loyalty API. This will enable the Rewards Button for scanning loyalty and manual entry purposes. If you are experiencing errors check that this is complete with your Toast Rep.

Step 1: To create Loyalty as a Discount, from the Toast Admin Dashboard, locate Payments > Discounts:


Step 2: Click on + Add a Discount:


Step 3: Type in the Name of discount field "Lunchbox Loyalty - DO NOT TOUCH"


Step 4: Change the Owner first to the entire company group to be able to change the target which should also target the entire company group. The same target that you set up for the dining option. If the restaurant does not have Master Menu Management (MMM) you will need to set up this discount for each individual location.


Step 5: Under discount type choose Open $ Off:


Step 6: Make sure that the discount applies to the Entire check:


Step 7: Scroll down and click Advanced Settings.

Step 8: After clicking advanced settings make sure the permission level is set to Any User and check off: "Allow check level or BOGO discounts to be combined with other discount of the same type." Hit Save. then Publish.


NOTE: This setting will allow the restaurant to give their guests the ability to redeem a discount and loyalty credit at the same time. If this setting is not enabled properly loyalty+promo codes will not function properly.

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