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Flybuy FAQ
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Flybuy FAQ

Please see some common questions for the Flybuy Curbside Checkin Feature.

How will a staff member know if the customer is using Flybuy or not?

If the staff did not receive a notification on the dashboard (i.e, a "nearby", "arrived" or "waiting" notification), the customer did not order through the Lunchbox App and will have to call upon arrival OR the customer can manually tap that they've arrived in the Lunchbox App.

Do customers have to share location?

No, customers are not required to share location but it is recommended. We recommend the "Only while in use" option in the App.

If a customer doesn't share location, how does this affect the store?

The store's dashboard will not receive a "nearby" status update or an "arrived" notification for the customer. They will only receive location updates for the customer if they agree to location sharing permissions or manually tap "I've Arrived" to let staff know they are on site.

If a customer shared location, how does Flybuy use their location data?

Flybuy will only use location date for the duration of the customer's active order. Once the order is marked complete on the dashboard, active location sharing is disabled.

What events can stop a customer from sharing their location?

If a customer completely terminates the app, Flybuy will no longer receive location updates. if the customer opens the app back up, location updates will begin again.

What is the value of sharing a location with the store?

Location sharing alerts the store that customers are on their way. This allows the store to prepare orders in advance and dramatically reduce the wait time. Customers should be aware that location-sharing is only active while they are en route to the store to when it is completed.

Are customers required to share vehicle information?

No, customers are not required to share vehicle information it is optional in the Lunchbox Ordering UI although doing so will make it easier for the staff member to locate the customer in the parking lot.

Is the customer vehicle info stored in the app?

No, once the customer completes an order the vehicle info disappears.

Why can't I use Flybuy with Web Orders?

Location tracking is only available with the App SDK which transmits the location of the device to the restaurant.

What on the ticket helps to indicate app vs web order?

Lunchbox sends over these details in the tab name that is sent with the order to the POS.

Who do I contact to troubleshoot issues with Flybuy?

If the restaurant is having issues using the Flybuy system, they will have to contact Flybuy for support. Please Flybuy's support page, here.

How am I billed with Flybuy through Lunchbox or through Flybuy?

The Restaurant will be billed by Flybuy.

Can I use the Flybuy Workflows with the Lunchbox Workflows?


  • If you are a registered user in Lunchbox you will go through the Flybuy check-in workflow.

  • If you are a guest without a registered account you will only be able to add the vehicle information into your order and Flybuy notifications will not be available.

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