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FlyBuy Curbside Pickup (LB 2.0)
Flybuy Curbside Notifications, In-App & Restaurant Workflow
Flybuy Curbside Notifications, In-App & Restaurant Workflow
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Flybuy Curbside Notifications, In-App & Restaurant Workflow

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Guest Workflow

If the restaurant location has the FlyBuy integration turned on, and the 'Allow Check-in' has been checked off for the service type in the Lunchbox Admin panel, the guest will go through the Flybuy workflow instead of the Lunchbox Check-in workflow.

Below please find the guest experience for the FlyBuy Check-in workflow.

Step 1: The guest will be prompted to select a service type before they order.

Step 2: Once the guest goes to the checkout page, they will be prompted to enter their car information

Step 3: Once the guest places the order, they will be prompted to follow the check-in workflow. When the guest selects 'On My Way', Lunchbox will notify Flybuy that the guest is en-route, which will let the restaurant know as well.

Step 4: When the guest arrives at the restaurant they will have the option to select "I'm Here". This will update FlyBuy and the Restaurant to initiate the curbside delivery to the car you provided vehicle information for.

Step 5: When the guest has the order in hand, they will be given the option to mark their order as received.

Step 6: Once marked received the guest will be greeted with a successful order message.

Step 7: In the event that the guest leaves the check-in page or closes the app. They will be able to navigate to the check-in workflow by heading to the account page and open their order details in the order history section.

Restaurant Workflow

The following is controlled by either the use of a Flybuy KDS/Tablet or the Flybuy website.

Step 1: To login, go to and select the Login button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Flybuy KDS/Dashboard View

Customer Order Status Journey

Step 2: Created - Order has been placed and the customer has not yet begun their journey.

Step 3: En Route - When the customer has shown intent to begin their journey, or selects "On My Way" in the Lunchbox app.

Step 4: Nearby - When the customer is near the restaurant location's "pickup area", their progress will update to "nearby" and the order will turn blue.

Note: This status will only show if location sharing is enabled.

Step 5: Arrived - Once the customer has arrived at the location, their progress will update to "arrived" and the order will turn yellow.

Step 6: Waiting - When the customer is waiting in the designated pickup area or has selected "I'm here" in the lunchbox app. Their progress will update to "waiting", the order turns green,

Note: If the customer is waiting longer than 2 minutes, the order will turn red.

Step 7: Completed - If a customer selects 'Order Received' or leaves the restaurant, their progress will update to "completed".

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