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Flybuy Dashboard Overview
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Flybuy Dashboard Overview

Logging into Flybuy

Step 1: To log in, go to and select the Login button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: From there, you will be prompted to log in to an existing account or create one if you are a new user. Enter your details and click Sign In.

Flybuy Dashboard

The main area you will utilize on the home page is the Flybuy Pickup section. Here, click on the 'My Projects' button to access your projects.


This page will show your restaurant brands in Flybuy. The project specifically is where your sites are configured. To access your projects, select ‘Manage Project’ on the project you would like to view.

The home page of each project includes:

  • map of the site locations

  • notifications

  • project info

  • staff dashboards

Edit Project Info

The project info portion of the site allows you to adjust the following...

    • Teams - These are the groups of people that have access to this restaurant brand. (This is only configurable by the Flybuy Team)

    • View Sites - This is where you can view and edit the locations that are available at the restaurant brand (Read below for more information.)

    • API Webhook - This is the webhook configuration settings (Do not touch these settings these will be configured by the Flybuy Team)

    • API Tokens - This is the API Token settings (Do not touch these settings these will be configured by the Flybuy Team)

    • Pick-Up Type Labels & Instructions - This is where you can configure pickup instructions (Read below for more information on configuring these settings)

    • Staff Dashboard - Allows you to add KDS screens and configure them for the restaurant

Pickup Type Labels & Instructions

This is where you can make adjustments to your pickup instructions. Flybuy will configure the initial setup of this section.

Step 1: Click the Pickup Type Labels & Instructions and adjust the following settings...

  • Label - This is the service type pulled from Lunchbox

  • New Custom Label - This will create a new label that you can configure for a new pickup type

Note: The list of pickup types that populate into Flybuy is populated from the service type names in Lunchbox. Here you can change the name of the service type that is visible by the guest.

  • Description - This is where you can edit the pickup instructions for your service type.


Notifications (customer-facing messaging)

Notifications refer to the customer-facing messaging. Messages can be created based on pickup type (in-store vs. curbside) and based on the customer event (Order Created, Order Ready, Customer Arrived).

Note: these messages cannot be longer than 120 characters.

Notifications will show automatically if location sharing is enabled on the Lunchbox app. If location sharing is NOT enabled, the guest will have to update the workflow in the app along the way.

  • Order Created Minutes: This notification triggers when the initial Order Created Message will be sent to a customer.

  • Order Reminder Minutes: This is a follow up message sent to a customer if they do not tap the link in the initial Order Created Message they received.

  • Post-arrival Seconds: The notification is triggered after a customer has been waiting for a configurable amount of time to let the customer know the store is aware of their arrival and will be out with their order.

Staff Dashboard Notifications

  • Nearby Minutes: This is when the customer state on the dashboard will change from ‘En Route’ to ‘Nearby.’

  • Prearrival Seconds: This is the number of seconds prior to a customer’s arrival that an event is triggered. It is associated with the order changing to blue on the staff dashboard.

  • Prearrival Tags: Tags are associated with orders that meet specific criteria and require additional attention from staff.

View Sites

These are the restaurants within your brand and will be setup by the Flybuy team and can be edited at any time.

Step 1: To access sites, you can either click on a specific site in the map view on the project home page or view the site list by selecting either the ‘View Site’ button on the upper right-hand corner of the map or under project info.

Step 2: Click on a site to view the site level.

  • The boxes at the top of the site page show the number of orders and the average wait time for the day.

  • The premise and pickup areas for the site are visible below the average & number of order boxes

Note: In the Edit details section on the site. Each site will include the site name, site phone number, and partner identifier. It is recommended that a site-specific photo is included along with a description of the site and pickup instructions.

General Settings

Each site has configurable settings that are configured when editing site details. These settings encompass both customer-facing notifications and staff notifications on the dashboard.


The premise area is created under ‘Edit Details’ as well and this triggers the ‘Arrival’ phase on the Staff Dashboard. The Flybuy team will configure this for each site and confirm that this is set up correctly with your team!

Ensure the timezone for the site is correct.

SMS Notifications

This is the last item configurable in the site details. Your Flybuy Customer Success Manager will update the messaging accordingly for your sites! When sites are live with Flybuy, the Customer SMS notifications will be set to ‘Automatically send text notifications for all orders.’

“Don’t send text notifications automatically” is utilized prior to a site being set live or when a site is paused.

“Only send text notifications for certain numbers” is used for testing purposes.

Pickup Areas

The pickup areas trigger the ‘Waiting’ notification on the Staff Dashboard. When drawing a new pickup area, it must:

  • Include a minimum of three parking spaces

  • Must be drawn within the premise area

  • Not overlap with any other pickup areas

Add a New Pickup Area

Step 1: To add a new area, click edit, on the Pickup Areas bar in the Site level home page and then hit New Area.

Below please find a video for creating a pickup area in Flybuy:

When adding a new area, name the pickup area in accordance with the partners desired label structure (for example: Curbside Zone 1), select a color and select create area at the bottom of the page.

To edit any existing pickup areas, select the pickup area you want to edit in the Pickup Areas view.

View Orders

This shows all orders in the past 30 days. Orders are searchable by customer name and order number. This also shows the Customer State, Order State and time the order was Created. A new order can also be created by selecting “New Order” in the upper right hand corner.

To view Order Details, click a specific order.

Viewing the specific order details provides an overview of the Customer Details and Order Details. Here, the order events can also be accessed. If the order has not been redeemed, the Order Created message can also be initiated here. This is often used during testing. This button will be greyed out if the order is redeemed as you can see below.

Order Events provide the events that occurred as the customer traveled to the location. This is the first place to review if there is an issue with the order to see what occurred with Flybuy.

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