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Order Status Workflow: Releasing Admin Hold Orders
Order Status Workflow: Releasing Admin Hold Orders
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

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If an order is sent to Lunchbox and it fails to send to POS, the Lunchbox system will attempt to fire it 10 times, and if it still fails, the order will be labeled with the Admin Hold status.

Note: It is important that the order status is marked as complete in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard for payment to process for all Native Orders (Pickup, Delivery, Catering).

Additional Note: Order Aggregation Orders processing occurs on the marketplace so payment will still be collected if orders aren’t marked as complete however these orders still need to marked as complete in the Lunchbox admin dashboard to ensure reporting is consistent from POS, to Lunchbox to 3P site.

Below you will see what a typical successful order Workflow looks like. But, in the event that an issue occurs with an order that requires an Admin Hold Order to be Released and Completed, it is important to review the Failed Order Workflow steps to ensure that the orders that have been manually entered into the POS match the orders in Lunchbox (& 3P Marketplace Dashboards if you are using order aggregation), payment is captured and your accounting is correct.

Successful Order Workflow

Step 1: The guest places an order using a 3P Marketplace or Lunchbox-designed app or website. After the order has been placed the order reaches the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard and the following occurs…

Step 2a: The order will wait in a cue in the Yellow 'Held' Status if either Hold Same Day Future Orders and/or Hold Future Orders is checked off on the service type this status preauthorizes the payment.

Step 2b: The order will send to POS automatically if both 'Hold Same Day Future Orders' and 'Hold Future Orders' are Unchecked on the service type.

Step 2c: These orders will Start Red and then turn the Green ‘Sent to POS’ Status. This status still holds the order in a Preauthorized payment status.

NOTE: If an order gets stuck in the green status it is important to to click the Complete Button the to ensure that payment is captured.

Pre Auth Status view from the Order Details>Payment Screen

Once acknowledged by the point of sale system, by firing to the kitchen/closing the check in the POS the order will then turn the Grey ‘Completed’ Status. This status captures payment

Step 3: When the order hits the admin dashboard and encounters an error, it will start in a Red Status and our system will continue to try and send the order to the POS a total of 10 times. If after 10 attempts the order is unsuccessful it is placed in the Orange ‘Administrative Hold’ Status.

Step 3a: When we hit the release button it will attempt to try and send the order to the POS again.

If the issue was corrected in the POS it will send to the POS and the order will turn Green and then Grey as mentioned above.

Failed Order Workflow

Note: Only users with Corp Manager and Chain Admin Access can Release and Complete Orders.

Step 3b: For issues that cannot be resolved immediately, manually enter the Lunchbox order into the POS and reach out to [email protected] to troubleshoot the error. Lunchbox will not adjust the status of this order away from the orange status, but will help you troubleshoot and Release the order yourself.

Note: Lunchbox does not handle order completion because the orders themselves may have issues that Lunchbox is unaware of and needs to be adjusted by someone on shift in the restaurant who has the full story.

Step 4: Next the Restaurant Partner will need to go into the dashboard and select the ‘Release’ button which turns the order Red

Step 5: then Click ‘Accept’

Step 6: This turns the order to the Blue ‘Acknowledged’ Status this status will not send the order to the POS.

Note: The order will not be sent to the POS. If you wish to have this appear in the POS for proper accounting and reconciliation, please manually enter to order into the POS.

Step 7: and then Click ‘Complete’

Step 8: This will turn the order to the Grey ‘Completed’ Status and capture payment.

Note: Payment will not be captured if the order is not marked as complete and reaches the Grey ‘Completed’ Status. A captured payment will show a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE status under payment history on the Order Details Screen for the order.

Cash Payment View

Cash payment orders will not show a payment history.

Pro Tip!: To stay in the know of all orders that fail to be sent to POS we recommend subscribing to the following events…

  • POS Error - Alerts when there is a problem communicating with the POS.

  • Order Escalation - Alerts when a store has a pending online order because the Lunchbox Agent stopped checking in. Our support team made contact with the location and confirmed they received the order via phone call, fax or email.

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