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LB 2.0 How to Sign Up for Doordash Drive
LB 2.0 How to Sign Up for Doordash Drive
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How to Sign Up for Doordash Drive

The following steps are for clients that are using DoorDash Drive as their 3rd party delivery partner. They will need these steps to properly fill out the DoorDash Drive Setup Form. Once they fill out this form, we have what we need to integrate Lunchbox with DoorDash Drive for delivery.

Standard Orders = Small Order Fulfillment (SOF)

Setup Process:

NOTE: If you have a DoorDash Representative, reach out to them in order to sign up for DoorDash Drive through Lunchbox. If you do not have a DoorDash Representative, continue through the setup process.

Step 1: Visit the DoorDash Drive Signup Link here.

Step 2: Fill out the below form with your corporation's business information. If your
business is corporate-owned (meaning all locations are owned by a single corporate
entity), then only one form will need to be completed. If your business model includes
franchisees, then your franchisees will each need to fill out their own form as well.

Step 3: Select Lunchbox as the primary online ordering provider and also choose how
you would like to handle your existing driver fleet (if applicable).

Step 4: Choose your Delivery plan (our choice already comes with a recommended tag).
This is for full automation of delivery via Lunchbox.

Step 5: Enter in location information as well as your accounting point of contact:

Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions, and submit. You will be presented with a final
confirmation screen like so–

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation email with your acceptance record. Please
download this and send a copy to your Lunchbox Onboarding Manager and share over the Business Name assigned to your account via Rocketlane


1- How long does it take for Doordash to set up the account (SLA to ping endpoints)?

It takes about 10 minutes for each form submitted.

2- What is the standard delivery radius for Doordash Drive?

It is around 3-5 miles, depending on location (NYC is less due to density).

3- What value does Lunchbox set up for my integration?

Lunchbox uses the Business Name for this integration.

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