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(LB 2.0) Loyalty: Toast In-Store Lookup
(LB 2.0) Loyalty: Toast In-Store Lookup

This article explains the in store workflow, features and limitations for Toast in-Store Loyalty Lookup.

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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:


In-Store Loyalty Lookup allows a restaurant running Toast to add a guest’s Lunchbox Loyalty account to an in-store order so they can accrue points or redeem rewards on the order. Guests are able to use Lunchbox Loyalty on their in-store orders without needing the Lunchbox App, leading to higher guest satisfaction and engagement.


  • Toast does not show all reward dollars available to spend when an item has been added to the cart on the POS. The lookup will only show the dollars being spent on the items. To see how many reward dollars there are to spend perform the lookup without any items in the cart.

  • Item based rewards do not show on Toast unless an item has been added to the ordering screen. Users will need to reference their app for available item based rewards.

  • This feature uses the Tab Name for insertion of the loyalty name which cannot be overwritten using Tast POS. We recommend using Open Item or Item level comments to communicate any additional information with the kitchen. OR if trying to communicate table numbers create an item called Table Number and a modifier group with the table numbers in it. TAB NAMES SHOULD NOT BE OVERWRITTEN WITH GUEST NAME OR TABLE NUMBER BECAUSE ON THE LOOKUP IN THE CHECKOUT PROCESS THE NAME WILL RESET.

  • This feature is currently only supported with Toast and Lunchbox Loyalty

  • This feature does not support Credit Card Lookup or Automatic Credit Card Association on Accounts.

  • In-store loyalty will not work if the same location GUID is used twice in Lunchbox. It is important to remove any duplicate location GUIDs.

  • In-store loyalty will not work if the restaurant experiences an internet outage or other network disruption. When a restaurant does not have a functioning network, it is in offline mode. For more information, see Offline Mode.

  • Scanning a QR code in-app (iOS & Android) for in-store loyalty is not currently supported ← planned

  • When a check is closed in Toast, and re-opened to add more items to the order, points are not accrued for items that were added to the order. To accrue points a new order must be created.

    • example: A guest orders online for delivery and calls in to adjust the order. This additional item will not accrue loyalty when the order is closed and should instead be opened on a new order.

  • Loyalty points cannot be accrued for open items on an order. Items added to the order are validated against the items that have been imported into Lunchbox. Open Items are not currently supported with the in-store loyalty lookup.

  • Migrated Loyalty Users cannot be looked up until they sign into the app or web and create a profile.

NOTE: While a limitation, this is actually a benefit and an excellent way to help them adopt to your new platform! In order for us to search your account we need you to sign up for us using our awesome new app or website!

  • Loyalty Users cannot be created using the POS. For Loyalty User creation guests must sign up using the restaurant’s App or Web ordering experience.

  • Loyalty lookup will not work for in-store ordering unless we have the in-store menu imported into the database and all items are set to active, the menu is assigned to the dine-in service type, the menu is assigned to all relevant locations, the hours on the Dine In menu are set to 24 hours.

NOTE: Menu items import as inactive intentionally to avoid setting items in progress active before they are ready for purchase.

NOTE: Setting the menu to 24 hours allows you to do instore lookup during off hours.

  • Awarded Bonus names do not update in the Wallet when changed in the Loyalty Database. This is expected behavior this helps add clarity into when a reward was issued for troubleshooting purposes. (If you are attempting to lookup an award that has undergone a name change. The name returned to Toast will be the name when the award was issued.)


  • POS: Toast

  • Loyalty: Lunchbox Loyalty NOTE THIS IS NOT TOAST LOYALTY

  • ‘Loyalty’ is enabled for the restaurant from the Toast dashboard by sending an email to Toast API Support.

  • Dine-in menu imported and items are active on Lunchbox.

  • Dine in service type set to active enabled and with credit card checked off.

  • Imported users must be phone verified and synced to the loyalty database.

VERY IMPORTANT: For users running Toast In Store Loyalty Lookup with users that are being migrated an additional ENG Ticket needs to be submitted to auto phone verify the user and sync the user to the Loyalty Database.

Enabling Loyalty in Toast

To enable the look-up of Lunchbox loyalty accounts on the POS, loyalty needs to be enabled from the “Rewards Program” page in the “Marketing” section of the Toast dashboard. Begin by sending Toast the following email.


To grant Lunchbox access to Loyalty API Only, please send an email to the API team at Toast using this template:

To: [email protected]
CC: {your CSM / Delivery Manager & Paul Zarmati [email protected]}


Subject: Lunchbox V2 Loyalty API Access




We give permission for Andrew and his team at Lunchbox to have access to our Toast Data Set. We will be onboarding to Lunchbox V2.

Please enable the following:

  • Loyalty API

This request will grant the Lunchbox team API access to all our locations on Toast for Production and Sandbox, as well as the Toast sandbox dashboard.

[Please list the Brand Name and 1 example Toast establishment names/addresses here]

Thank you,


Validate Toast Loyalty Setup

Step 1: Locate the “Rewards Program” link under the “Marketing” section on the homepage of the dashboard.

NOTE: If you do not see the ‘Rewards Program’ link under the Marketing section of the Toast Admin Dashboard, Toast may need to activate the setting for the restaurant’s account.

You must reach out to Toast directly requesting that the Reward Program setting be enabled for Lunchbox. When asking your Toast Rep to ensure this setting is visible it is also important to ask them to ensure that Lunchbox v2 loyalty is enabled NOT Toast Loyalty. Also be specific in requesting that you want the Rewards Button to be enabled on the POS and that the Lookup Customer and the Redeem functionality should be included with the Reward Program activation.

For reference for Toast Support this selection should be visible via the Rewards Program Tab > Lunchbox V2 should be enabled.

Step 2: Ensure that the “Enable Loyalty” section is set to Yes, click Save, and publish the changes.

Step 3: Once this setting is activated a Rewards button will be visible on the Toast terminals.

Using In-Story Loyalty on the POS

The following tasks should be performed from the Toast terminal.

For loyalty lookup to work properly, Lunchbox will create a Dine In Open Item Menu, Category and Item as well as the Dine In Menu (Item Based Loyalty Only)…

  • Visible in Lunchbox

  • Set to the dine in service type

  • The dine in service type must be active, enabled and credit card must be checked off.

  • If you do not see your Dine-In menu visible on the ‘Menus’ tab in the Lunchbox Dashboard, please escalate to your CSM or Lunchbox Support.

If your in-store menu and Lunchbox menu are the same then you can proceed to the next step.

WARNING: If the in store menu is the same as the online ordering menu you still need a dine in copy that you can assign 24 hour menus hours to for in store Loyalty Lookup.

Step 1: On the ordering screen, after a menu item has been added to the cart, click the Menu button on the left side of the screen to display the Rewards button.

NOTE: Depending on the menu structure the ‘Rewards’ button may be visible without step 1.

If you look up a guest before an item is added to the cart, available rewards will not be displayed until you either click the Look Up button again after adding item to your cart or press Pay or Done.

Step 2: Click the Rewards button.

Step 3: Click the Look Up Customer button

Step 4: Click the Look Up button

Step 5: Search by the guest’s Phone Number, Email Address or Name

NOTE: Last Name is prioritized first in the search.

Step 6: Highlight the guest you wish to associate with the order

Step 7: Click Done

NOTE: This step will associate the guest’s Lunchbox Loyalty account with the order. The guest’s name and loyalty # will be visible in the tab name as shown below.

The dollars that are visible will be the total dollars available to spend in the wallet.

NOTE: ‘Reward Dollars’ will reflect a guest’s available loyalty credit dollar amount in Lunchbox. Rewards points should match the users rewards point from Lunchbox. When an item is added to cart only the reward dollars that cover the cost of the item will display along with the Item based reward available for redemption only if they correspond with the item that was added to the cart.

Step 8: A guest’s available loyalty rewards will display and can be redeemed on the order by clicking the Redeem button.

If the guest chooses to redeem a reward it will be applied to the order as shown below.

If the guest does not want to redeem their rewards click Next

If the wrong guest is selected click on Switch Customer to search for a different guest.

If a guest does not have any rewards the message No Rewards Available Right Now will display.

Step 9: Proceed to place the order click Pay to complete the order.

Notes: Clicking ‘Stay’, ‘Send’, or ‘Pay’ will trigger a loyalty look-up. Available rewards will be shown again in case the guest wants to redeem another reward.

Step 10: Pay out the order and close it to Cash or Credit. If there is a zero balance due, click Close to close the check.

WARNING: Do not close the order to the ‘Lunchbox’ payment option since it does not charge the guest.

Using In-Story Loyalty on Toast Kiosk

Step 1: On the Kiosk device, the guest taps the START button.

Step 2: The guest adds items to their order. For more information, see the Toast Central article about placing an order using Toast Kiosk.

Note: The guest can add rewards to their order at any point before checkout.

Step 3: On the bottom right of the screen, the guest taps the + Add rewards button.

Step 4: On the Loyalty + Rewards screen, the guest can do one of the following:

  1. Tap the SCAN CODE button and scan the QR code on a loyalty card or app. (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL SCAN FOR LOYALTY IS RELEASED)

  2. Swipe the credit card linked to the loyalty account.

Lunchbox will receive a LOYALTY_INQUIRE request.

Step 5: Next to the discount they want to apply, the guest taps Redeem. Offers that are not eligible for redemption on the current check are disabled and the Redeem button is shaded gray.

WARNING: Partners are responsible for confirming which offers are eligible for redemption, using the applicable boolean in the Offer object.

The reward is added to the check as a discount.

Step 6: The guest continues adding items to their order, or checkout. When the payment process starts, your integration will receive a LOYALTY_REDEEM request. Once the payment is completed, your integration will receive a LOYALTY_ACCRUE request.

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